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Age & The Presidency: When Is Old Too Old? By Diane L. Gruber

At presidential debate, Reagan was asked about “age issue.” He said: “I refuse to discuss my opponent’s youth & inexperience.” Even Dem candidate laughed.

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Too Old To Be President? America’s Oldest Former President Weighs In On 2020 Election

Former Democratic president Jimmy Carter, who turns 95 October 1st, gave his annual address at the Carter Center in Atlanta last week.  He was asked to comment about the current presidential race and the upcoming election. ARE BIDEN, SANDERS, TRUMP & WARREN TOO OLD TO BE PRESIDENT? An audience member, in jest, asked if he […]

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They Are Not Gaffes: Uncle Joe Is Well Into FuddyDuddyDom

When working with my clients over the years, my secretary and I noticed that some “older” clients “weren’t all there.”  They weren’t senile as they seemed to function well.  But they did not think/reason like, say, a 40-year-old does and they were often confused over simple matters. We dubbed this stage of life as “fuddyduddydom.”  […]

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