Age And The Presidency
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Age & The Presidency: When Is Old Too Old? By Diane L. Gruber

At presidential debate, Reagan was asked about “age issue.” He said: “I refuse to discuss my opponent’s youth & inexperience.” Even Dem candidate laughed.

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Team of Whistleblowers
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Team of Whistleblowers: Taking Out Trump & Biden With One Bullet

Now that we know the so-called whistleblower was a TEAM of Deep State Operatives AND the Ukraine Collusion Hoax began, literally, as the Russia Collusion…

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Second Civil War
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Democrats Want A Second Civil War, By Diane L. Gruber

When America was young, only Democrats enslaved Negros. Dems now want to put 99% of Americans into economic slavery, destroy our freedoms.

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Fake Whistleblower
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Fake Whistleblower Is Team of Deep State Operatives, Began Scheme In March, By Diane L. Gruber

Fake Whistleblower: Hoax began IMMEDIATELY after Mueller exonerated Trump. Deep State Team spied, interviewed others, created this new false narrative.

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Era Of Trump
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Era Of Trump: Our Populist President Won Re-Election On Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Era Of Trump: Consumed by hatred, with Trump’s re-election all but most guaranteed, Dems make a desperate & asinine move to take down our populous president.

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Too Old To Be President?
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Too Old To Be President? America’s Oldest Former President Weighs In On 2020 Election

Former Democratic president Jimmy Carter, who turns 95 October 1st, gave his annual address at the Carter Center in Atlanta last week.  He was asked…

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Child Abuse
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Child Abuse: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle No Longer Rules The World, By Diane L. Gruber

Child Abuse: Teachers imprint kids with biased “scientific” info & political ideology, leading them to believe they will not live to middle-age.

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Somali Gangs
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Somali Gangs: Minneapolis Hate Crimes Surge, Politicians Ignore, By Diane L. Gruber

Called Little Mogadishu, Minneapolis has largest Somali community in US. Somali gang violence now has an added viciousness.

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President Harassment
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More Presidential Harassment: Dems Latest Narrative, By Diane L. Gruber

Desperate to breathe new life into very old hoax, US Rep. Adam Schiff went before the cameras today, hinting he finally had a “smoking gun” to destroy Trump

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Social Justice
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Biden’s Debate Remarks Hint At How Feds Use Social Workers Against Americans

Almost lost in the shouting, anger and arm waving at ABC’s Democrat Presidential Debate on Thursday night, were Joe Biden’s remarks about parents and their…

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Antifa Violence
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Antifa’s First Mass Killing: Media Silent, By Diane L. Gruber

With the violence exhibited by Antifa thugs as they roam the streets, intent on punishing anyone they perceive as a Normal Americans, it was just…

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Irritate Liberals
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How To Irritate Liberals Without Getting Hurt

Sit back & enjoy the thought, as 20-dollar bills pass through many hands, some will be Liberal hands. Libs will cringe & cuss as they spend it. Ha!

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Uncle Joe
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They Are Not Gaffes: Uncle Joe Is Well Into FuddyDuddyDom

When working with my clients over the years, my secretary and I noticed that some “older” clients “weren’t all there.”  They weren’t senile as they…

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Recall Oregon’s Governor
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Flush Down Kate Brown: Vote TWICE To Get Rid Of Oregon’s Governor

Oregonians may have honor of voting to recall Governor Brown TWICE. Her strong arm tactics have worn very thin since she took office 4 years ago.

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Oregon GOP Rejects Hate Speech Laws, Transgenderism

At a time when Freedom of Speech has never been in more jeopardy, Oregon GOP takes a stand against the criminalization of speech.

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Hong Kong Freedom Fighters
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Oregon GOP Stands With Hong Kong Freedom Fighters

Hong Kong delegates thanked Trump for linking China trade policy with freedom for Hong Kong, and bragged protesters carried US flag.

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Free, White & Twenty-One
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Free, White & Twenty-One

This colloquial saying is gratefully out of date, but it meant: I can do anything I want because I am free, I am white and I am at least 21 years of age

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Gun Control
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Trump: “We Will Always Uphold The Right To Self-Defense”

GOAL OF GUN CONTROL: The Left can only subjugate DISARMED Americans because threat of imprisonment & mass slaughter is the natural next step.

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Unlike Russia Collusion Hoax, Watergate began with CRIMES & ARRESTS. John Dean ordered five burglars to break into DNC offices in May, June, 1972.

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Liberals screaming “racist” is now a badge of honor for Normal Americans. Liberals have so bastardized words they no longer stop debate.

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