Place Of Birth: Houston, Texas

School: Rockdale Highschool Class of 2009

College: Self-Educated. I Detest The Liberal Agenda Sought Out By Professors

Current Residence: Austin, Texas

Animals: One Dog ( Emma Lou )

Politics: Deplorable

Gender: Scandinavian Octagonal Nonbinaryy Squid ( Why Not? Everyone Else Identifies As Something Else )

Favorite Presidents: Dress Like Kennedy, Rage Like W, and Think Like Reagan

I live a wonderful life in Austin, Texas. I have a wonderful boyfriend by the name of Cody, and a little Princess named Emma. The idea of Adopting children right now isn’t an option. We haven’t traveled enough yet to settle down.

I became a Republican my sophomore year of Highschool. During American History,  We were asked to study the 2004 party platforms, and see what party we agree with the most. I was 95% Republican and 5% Democrat. The only issue I came close to aligning myself with the Jackasses were the issues of Gay Rights. I decided I was going to register as a Republican once I turned 18. I did just that. I’ve only voted for One Democrat in my entire life, and it was at the local level. I do consider myself a party loyalist. I have many friends and family who didn’t vote for President Trump, but I did, and I proudly stand by his side!

I come from an upper-middle-class Conservative Family on my father’s side.  My father considers himself an Independent but usually votes Republican. My mother is a Jimmy Carter Democrat later H.W Fan. I credit my political aspirations to my Uncle Steve who taught me to be the “Party Guy” where no matter what, Republican is where I stand. I live by that today.

My grandmother is a 50’s Democrat and still votes Democrat. She’s one of very few who vote that way. The rest is common sense Conservative Republicans.

I’ve worked on many campaigns starting with my local city council in Rockdale, Texas. I was the campaign manager for a local woman who won in a landslide. I learned early from Karl Rove that in order to get the vote, you’ve got to hit the streets. I knocked on every single door on the West side of town. My candidate was very pleased as she was sworn into office. I then got active in State politics where I worked hard on Rick Perry’s re-election campaign for Governor. I mostly did grassroots activism. I campaigned for many State legislators. I volunteered in Texas for both John McCain and Mitt Romney. Ted Cruz put me to work in Austin. I canvassed my ass off in Travis county having 90% of the doors shut in my face. No worries though. We see who’s in the U.S Senate, and who isn’t.

I started working for Ted Cruz when he announced for the Presidental Race of 2016. I ended up voting for President Trump. Like I said before, I’m the “Party Guy”. I really do like President Trump, and I know he will Make America Great Again.

I’ve now slowed down a little bit and took to writing. I use The Gay Republican to start a conversation. Yes, There are Republicans out there that happen to be Gay. We stand up for Conservative Values and believe what we do in our homes is our business ONLY.

I could go on, and on about myself, but there’s no need for that.

Shoot me an email if you want to know more!

Have A Blessed Day

Ethan Sabo