The Gay Republican Stumps For Trump In Fort Worth

Gay Republican

The Gay Republican, Ethan Sabo, spoke to a crowd of around 500 on Saturday. Topics ranged from President Trump To Gay Marriage. Sabo can be seen revving pumping up the crowd for Donald Trump!

Carlos E. Turcios, the event organizer and founder of the March for America, urged the crowd to continue loving America, learning its history, and valuing the Constitution.

“I do not want to see my great-grandchildren when I’m dead, I do not want them to see another flag up there. I want them to see the red, white, and blue,” he commented.

Gay Republican

“When Obama, Biden was in office, our 401 actually took a dip bad, really bad. Now, we’ve actually gotten back to a place where we’re starting to plateau a little bit and it’s nice,” he told Breitbart News.

Pete Gomez, creator of the hashtag Lotsa Gays Back Trump, echoed Sabo’s comments, saying, “I strongly believe in small government so everything that Trump’s about right now, I’m about it. Hesitant in 2016, more convicted than ever in 2020.”

Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

Openly Gay Conservative Republican Stomping The Stereotype! Fighting For Freedom & Against Political Correctness!

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