Fewer Than 30 Supporters Show Up For Biden/Harris Rally In Dallas, TX

Biden Rally Dallas Texas

The mainstream media wants everyone to believe Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris is ahead in all the polls. They also want Americans to think Texas is in PLAY for 2020. They said the same thing in 2016 when Hillary Clinton came to Texas, and Texas was “in play.”

Biden Rally Dallas Texas

Kamala Harris was supposed to stop in Dallas, Texas today ( 10/28/20), but the only people who stepped off the bus was former Congressman Beto O’rouke.

Beto, along with Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson ( TX-30), and Candidate for Texas Railroad commissioner Chrysta Castañeda were the only speakers to attend the rally. Where was Kamala Harris? Nowhere to be found.

Biden Rally Dallas Texas

To my disappointment, the crowd was not enthusiastic, and each speaker spoke for less than 2 minutes.

Beto spoke first. He tried several times to get supporters fired up but failed. The only time Beto had the crowd of less than 30 fired up was when he called the nearby Trump supporters “Assholes.” Then, they cheered, but only for ten or so seconds.

There was ZERO energy for Congresswoman Eddie Bernie Johnson. Johnson announced this would be her LAST campaign for Congress. That not only warmed my heart, but I was excited for 2022.

Biden Rally Dallas Texas
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

Chrysta Castañeda had zero energy, and only a few clapped for her. Castañeda asked the crowd if we were ready to “Defeat Climate Change,” but the Trump supporters drowned any clapping out ( maybe one or two clappers).

President Donald J. Trump had more than 50 supporters show up waving “Trump 2020” flags and laid on their horns hoping to get their message across.

Biden Rally Dallas Texas

Trump supporters were chanting “Back The Blue” as two or three Biden supporters said ” Fuck 12″ and “Oh, we should call the police and have them removed.” Ironic how they would call the police after saying, ” Fuck 12′. Liberalism is cancer, my friends.

Beto Speaking

I mingled in with the crowd posing as a Biden/Harris supporter. I just wanted to feel the “Big Dick Energy” Democrats claim the Biden/Harris campaign has.

Trump Train

Trump supporters ended up forming a “Trump Train” and circles the parking lot blowing their horns shouting “Trump 2020” and the occasional “Lock Him Up.”

The next time someone tells you Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will win, just let them know that not even Super Liberal Dallas, Texas, is “excited” for the Biden/Harris ticket.

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