BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden Emails Link Joe Biden To Boosting Burisma Pay

Hunter Biden

Former Vice President and current Democratic Nominee for President Joe Biden recently claimed he never used his office’s leverage during his term as vice president to influence a position for his son at a Ukraine natural gas company. We now know that was a lie.

In a lengthy memo to his then-business partner, Devon Archer, who already sat on the Burisma board, Biden repeatedly mentioned “my guy” while apparently referring to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Under President Barack Obama, the elder Biden was the point person for US policy toward Ukraine, and he held a press conference there with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on April 22, 2014.

Hunter Biden’s email to Archer is dated a little more than a week earlier.

“The announcement of my guys [sic] upcoming travels should be characterized as part of our advice and thinking- but what he will say and do is out of our hands,” Hunter Biden wrote on April 13, 2014.

“In other words it could be a really good thing or it could end up creating too great an expectation. We need to temper expectations regarding that visit.”

NY Post
New York Post

Not only did Joe Biden know about the deal, but he also orchestrated said deal. Illegal and immoral, Biden knew what he was doing would eventually catch up to him, hence why he is currently running for President Of The United States. Smart move? Yes, and no. The Democrats knew if they put Biden up for the nomination, anything negative said about him would be “just politics.”

In the email, Hunter Biden wrote to Archer, “We need to ask for long term agreement and across the board participation. This is a huge step for us that could easily become very complicated. And if we are not protected financially regardless of the outcome we could find ourselves frozen out of a lot of current and future opportunities.

“The contract should begin now- not after the upcoming visit of my guy.

“That should include a retainer in the range of 25k p/m w/ additional fees where appropriate for more in depth work to go to BSF for our protection. Complete separate from our respective deals re board participation.”

Ny Post

It is not clear if Joe Biden or his son Hunter received the $25k.

We do know Hunter was paid more than $50k a month from Burisma. Hunter’s lawyer claimed the payments stopped after he “Stepped off” the board in April of 2019.

Email from Robert Biden to … by New York Post

The American people deserve to know if the Democratic Nominee for President used his former office to influence a foreign company to hire and overpay his underqualified son to sit on the board and make executive decisions.

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