Real Slavery: The History Of What Slavery Really Looks Like.


Let us talk about genuine racism and slavery for a moment. First of all, “slavery” has been around since the beginning of recorded time, and probably further back. Why is that? Because in nature, you have the “top dog,” and you have those under him. You have the “leader of the pack” and the followers; the alpha dog and the sheep. Every culture, every empire, every nation on earth has partaken in the slave industry, and some still do to this very day.

Take a look at the Middle East: Muslims still trade black slaves in the 21st century. Yup. They think black people are below the status of humans and regard them as property, just like women, that can be bought and sold at will, used as they like, and disposed of if the mood strikes them. What is beyond hilarious in America and in Europe is to see a “black” Muslim. It’s laughable! It shows just how stupid these people are. They have aligned themselves with an organization that HATES them and would see them killed immediately, or forced into slave labor to do their bidding! Black people are the “new Jew” as far as Muslims are concerned. Muslims hate everyone who isn’t them, much like Hitler did. Muslims hate blacks, Jews, gays, women, and they like having sex with children.

Second, racism (a word invented by communists) was almost completely gone from the United States until the half-black pedo was elected several years ago. The Behemoth he is “married” to with the Adam’s Apple nub and the even bigger nub “down below” shows us just how stupid people really are. If anyone believes the Behemoth is a “natural woman,” then perhaps we deserve what we get. If anyone thinks the half-black pedo is an honorable “man” or was a good “leader,” then perhaps we are too far gone to save. Actions speak louder than words. The half black pedo and the Behemoth consistently did things contrary to the United States Constitution, which means they were deliberately committing sedition and treason.
We can dispense with the half-black pedo and the Behemoth. They’re not in official power anymore; however, they are still working behind the scenes with the Nazi Soros, and of course, all the other Nazi henchmen that go with him. By the way, Hitler used Muslims to do his bidding as well. Did you know that? He sure did. He used them to create instability in society. Sound familiar? The half-black pedo and Behemoth did the same thing.
President Trump has his work cut out for him. I feel for the man and do not envy him. He’s got a mountain of crap he has to deal with daily, such as ramifications from the half-black pedo and Behemoth; an obstructionist do nothing Congress where we have a faction of traitors openly advocating for anyone and everyone OTHER THAN American citizens and the welfare of OUR nation; he has a “deep state” that is doing everything it can to sabotage and destroy the Trump presidency, and trying to derail his re-election at all costs. These forces are indeed committing treason, and we find ourselves at a juncture with a precipice dead ahead. If we do not re-elect Trump, we are history. This nation is over. We are just ONE election away from turning this nation around and putting it on the RIGHT track or heading down a disastrous road that leads to either civil war or another revolution. On the surface, that sounds like it would be a high colonic and a nice thorough cleanse; however, there is no guarantee that we would end up with anything any better. History is LOADED with examples of this: the Chinese revolution, Russian Revolution, Spanish Revolution, and the list goes on and on.

But back to slavery: Europeans and Asians enslaved their people for thousands and thousands of years. The Roman Empire enslaved every nation it conquered. Should be bomb Italy back to the Stone Age for it? No. It is History. The Egyptians enslaved everyone who wasn’t them. All conquered nations and people bowed before the Pharaoh. Ancient Macedon conquered the known world, and re regard Alexander as Alexander the Great. He had slaves; they were his army. He didn’t allow them to return home; he kept them marching eastward for decades. They ended up poisoning him in Babylon, where he died. The empire started to break apart, and his generals and soldiers were able to return home, or govern his various provinces and live like kings themselves. An example is the Ptolemys (former general in Alexander the Great’s Army) in Egypt, of whom Cleopatra was descended from. Ptolemy was the new Pharaoh. What did he have? SLAVES!!!!! He ruled Egypt!!!

Let’s talk about Rome. That’s and easy one. The ONLY free men and women were Roman Citizens. Everyone was basically a slave under lock and key. A lot of the gladiators were slaves and could only buy their freedom with money or glorious fame. The Caesars became Emperors, and the Roman Republic turned into the Roman Empire. Slave markets abounded. Slaves upon slaves upon slaves upon slaves; the Romans could do with as they liked. A Roman man could have his slaves beaten at will for anything or nothing at all, but for the sheer enjoyment or sport of watching another human suffer under his will. He could also rape his female slaves if he wished. He could seed them, breed them, or pass them around as party favors his friends or guests if he wanted. The men could be used to sire more slaves; they would be used in the Gladitorium, trained to fight and die. They would also be used for hard labor such as tilling fields, building roads or the aqueducts, clearing trees and brush, etc. This practice of buying slaves was more lucrative than paying a Roman Citizen a wage for doing the same thing. At the end of the Roman Empire, unemployment for Roman Citizens was extremely high.

We will jump forward to the Italians in the Renaissance. They had a slave trade also, based in Venice, if I recall correctly. Should we sink Venice?
The Spanish conquered central and south America and did unspeakable things to the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas. Are we to burn Madrid to the ground?

Now onto the French: for centuries the French people worked like dogs for the Crown, the Nobility and the Clergy. They worked themselves into early graves, sometimes from overexertion, or malnutrition, or accidents. They built the many beautiful palaces, chateaux and cathedrals in France, and the expanded empire. They had a revolution and deposed their King, Louis XVI and his family, and a good portion of the nobility, at Place de la Concorde, where the Guillotine used to stand. The people had enough and decided to do something about it.

The British conquered much of the world through their travels. They didn’t care for the Irish too much, nor the Scotts to the north. What did the British do to the Irish? They sold them as slaves to the West Indies and to the colonies, primarily. Over a million or so met this fate. This went on for many decades with the Irish. The Irish women were forced to be bred to black men to create more slaves. Britain finally passed a law prohibiting this practice eventually.

The issue of slavery stretches back through time. Is it right that this practice was instituted? Of course, it isn’t.
It is, however, part of OUR collective history.
The United States has done more in its short life to lift people from all cultures OUT of slavery, poverty, and ignorance. We are the ONLY country to raise the bar on human rights and to publicly state that all men are created equal (this includes women of course).
What do we have in the modern-day? We have a relatively small band of morons running around, tearing down statues that they have no idea why they were erected in the first place. These morons believe the half-black pedo agitator and the Behemoth because of the color of their skin.
Stupid people are sheep that are led to the slaughter.
The half-black pedo and the Behemoth know this and exploit this stupidity daily.

Start thinking for yourselves and stop listening to morons that beat a drum just because someone else was beating it; stop jumping on the bandwagon before you look to see where it is going, and please stop defacing and destroying our history because it is inconvenient and doesn’t fit your narrative, or idea of what life and history should be like.
History is history; what is done is done. You cannot undo it, but you certainly CAN learn from it. Of course, democrats, who are the New Nazi Party in America, don’t want you to learn. They prefer to keep you stupid, but just adept enough to run the machines and keep the world turning.
Open your eyes; embrace our history, and learn.

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