Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Joins Antifa To Watch Federal Building Burn

Ted Wheeler

“I saw nothing that provoked this response” when asked about his thoughts on federal law enforcement deploying tear gas. Said Ted Wheeler.

Left-wing Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler met with Anti-fascist, and Black Lives Matter activist Wednesday night to bring peace to the city of Portland. Not only did that not happen, but Wheeler took to the streets standing side by side with anarchist while a federal building was burning to the ground.

A riot was declared in Portland just after midnight Thursday morning after Mayor Ted Wheeler’s tense visit with protesters– where he was booed, told to resign, given a list of demands and tear-gassed by federal agents.

His visit ended with his security detail engaging in a struggle with protesters late Wednesday night as they worked to get the mayor to safety, a report said.

Earlier, he moved with protesters to the fence outside of the federal courthouse where he stood at the front and was tear-gassed along with the crowd, according to New York Times correspondent Mike Baker.

Fox News

Wheeler was ultimately tear-gassed by federal agents and police trying to defend the Federal Courthouse. Wheeler declared the tear-gassing an “egregious overreaction.” Appaearly he ‘didn’t see anything in the crowd that warranted the reaction by federal officers. “This is not a de-escalation strategy,” Wheeler said. “This is flat-out urban warfare, and it’s being brought on this country by the President, and it’s got to stop now.
Urban Warfare brought on by our President sounds a lot like pledging allegiance to Antifa. Wheeler stood side-by-side with the Anarchist as they torched a federal courthouse, but he didn’t see anything that warranted the Federal officers to use tear-gas.
Portland has is gone. President Trump should deploy the U.S Military to restore order in Portland. The anarchists are sitting in the office of Mayor. Ted Wheeler should be charged and prosecuted with treason.

As Wheeler left, a few protesters following him tried to push against his security team once he had entered a building. Others threw water bottles and other projectiles at the glass door, according to Baker.



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