We’re Living In A VERY Different World Today

I see a very different world than the one I was born in to. The “progress” we have made is a regression. When I was a kid, I was taught to respect police, honor our military; appreciate art and architecture, to strive for excellence and to hold myself accountable. I was taught to own my mistakes, and if possible, to fix them. I was taught to look to myself first before trying to ascribe blame to someone else.

Since those days, I see parents teaching their children manipulation and extortion from a very early age. Several years ago, in the grocery store, a mother and her young son were going through the store, and as they were progressing, the child was wailing, just to wail. Nothing was wrong with the kid; he just didn’t want to be there. As the kid continued to wail for nothing and was getting louder and more aggressive, the mother said, “If you behave, I’ll get you an ice cream when we leave here…” These are the formative years of a child. This mother, because she has no parenting skills and is NOT an authority figure to speak of, is now teaching the child that all he has to do to get what he wants is to throw a fit, and to keep doing so until he gets what he wants.

Does this look and sound familiar to you?
Look at our present-day situations: We have young “adults” throwing temper tantrums in Seattle, Washington DC, Minneapolis, and several other cities around the country. Why is that? The answer is simple and is stated above. The people that bred them into existence only knew how to procreate but didn’t have the foggiest clue how to actually raise a human being. All they did was screw around, create a child, and then dropped the ball since they were too stupid to seek help, too arrogant to admit they needed help, and too narcissistic to think they could do anything wrong.
They failed miserably

These same parents and I use that term very loosely, now have the nerve to sit back and wonder why their little monsters grew up to be big monsters, and commence to burning cities to the ground, yanking statues down and spray painting ridiculous symbols and letters on monuments and buildings. These monsters are monsters because they were never taught right from wrong, never taught to respect anyone or anything, were always told they were unique and perfect, were given trophies for just being able to blink their eyes and breathe at the same time, and now we are stuck cleaning up their messes. Our nation is being ripped apart by idiots, and what is worse is we are letting them. It is no wonder that the rest of the world looks at us and laughs! We arrogantly stick our noses into everyone’s business and demand that they do things the way we do them, because “we are the best” and yet, we have the internal turmoil that never seems to end anymore, and leaders who are now openly supporting sedition, conspiracy, and treason! It is no secret that they line their pocket with foreign money, and are expected to create legislation and vote in favor of those who have just bribed them.
A bribe is a bribe, no matter what you call it, no matter how you dress it up. A kickback is a kickback no matter what you call it, no matter how you dress it up. Stupid is stupid, no matter what you call it, and no matter how you dress it up.

People today are screaming for “reparations” because they are black. This is nothing more than a temper tantrum that they are throwing for “free money.” The idiots that support this are just like that moron mother bribing the kid in the basket to behave, and he will get ice cream when they leave.
Big news flash: Reparations were ALREADY paid to freed slaves in 1865. That debt has been settled. You were never a slave; you don’t know what true oppression is; no one owes you anything. White people in the United States have not owned slaves since Emancipation; by the way, there were black landowners at the time that owned slaves. Get over it. Instead of being stupid, fat and lazy, and waiting for the next welfare check, how about you apply yourself and change your life?

This is a reality: There is no “ice cream” when you leave. There is no trophy for being able to blink and breathe at the same time. You aren’t exclusive for just being you, and no one cares if you do or do not show up to the main event. The world is NOT going to stop just for you. If you believe any of this to the contrary, life is going to kick your ass.

The United States is the greatest Republic on earth, since the Roman Empire. This country has done more to advance the human race than any previous nation or empire. We set the precedent that all men are created equal; we set a precedent to end slavery around the world; we set a precedent for women to have equal rights and to vote; we set a precedent for religious freedom. The United States has led the world in innovation. We gave the world electricity, natural gas, running water in homes and businesses, purified water, sanitation, the automobile (first invented in France, but made available and perfected by Henry Ford), oil and gas, airplanes and flight, modern medicine, the telephone, the telegraph, the radio, and the list goes on and on and on. WE lifted the world out of poverty and despair, and we encouraged the masses to think for themselves and not merely sit back in the gutter and accept what crumbs they were given.

Now we have a viral case of stupid running through our country. Stupid kids who grew into stupid adults, and we let this happen.

How do we fix it? By enforcing the laws we have, and MAKING them accountable for their actions. They need to know there ARE consequences for their behavior, and teach them the hard way, that their parents should have abstained, aborted or learned to enjoy anal, since raising children, other human beings is a task that they were clearly not suited for.

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