The democratic party (I refuse to capitalize it) is the Enemy of the State, and since the American Citizen is the State, thus they are the Enemy of the People. These enemies are actively seeking to undermine, sidestep, and chip away at the United States Constitution. In any other reality, that would be called sedition, conspiracy, and treason.

For too long now, they have had it “their way’ in Washington DC. They do what they want when they want and how they want. In pure Nazi form, if they do not get what they want, they either threaten or destroy their opponent, which is probably why the Republicans have been so weak at standing up to these traitors. To prove these points, all you have to do is look at how they vote (usually in favor of a foreign power that has “contributed” to their campaign, all the while putting the screws to the American worker and taxpayer), whom they support (lots of muslims and illegal aliens), whom they defend (lots of muslims, illegal aliens and drug lords), horrific policies they create and enforce (creating safe spaces in San Francisco—a literal and complete shit hole, where one can shoot up heroin or whatever, all the while allowing same drug addicts to literally piss and shit in the streets, thus spending approximately $30 million taxpayer dollars a year to clean up this never-ending mess).

Nancy Pelosi, the so-called Speaker of the House, has been in office for over four decades. Her father was the Mayor of Baltimore, and he, his brother, was rolling deep in the Mob. Nancy’s brother has been reported to be rolling deep as well. The D’Alesandro family, apparently a mob family to the core, wreaked havoc in Baltimore, and the people there are still dealing with the fall out of his policies. Just watching her gives me pause. She is nothing more than a drunk old hag that should have been put out to pasture years ago. Now, the slurring, incoherent babbling of a frightened, semi-lucid criminal is what we have to contend with in the House. She really is afraid. She knows that if she is tried for treason, she will be found guilty. The punishment in this country for treason is execution either by public hanging or by firing squad. At this point, I do not think American Citizens care which one is handed down, as long as it’s done. People are tired of being tired. They are sick of being sick, and they’re really done with the double standards. If any citizen were to do even a modicum of what they have done, we’d be in prison or sentenced to death.

We have handed down this punishment before. The Rosenbergs were executed for selling secrets to the Russians (back in the 1950s if I am not mistaken). Killery Klinton, Barry Sotero, and all their henchmen have done far worse and are walking around free. Barry and Killery set up Benghazi, and four Americans died. In my own opinion, this was set up to be such a “tragedy” like 9-11 was. The only thing these two traitors did not factor is our guys being successful at defending the outpost and repelling muslim insurgents (their buddies that they apparently were financing). Our people prevailed, however, four of them perished. Needlessly. Barry and Killery need to be tried for conspiracy, murder, and treason. They set this up, they knew what was going to happen, and four of our people were killed.

The media is nothing more than a whore for the New Nazi Party in America (aka: democrats). The media spreads its legs and lays back and takes it in whatever hole the Nazis want to fill. They are shameless, disease-ridden, toothless whores for the New Nazi Party in America. Nazis call the shots, and the whores take it, just like they did pre WWII.
Joseph Goebbels was the Nazi Propaganda Minister. He said, and I loosely paraphrase, “Accuse your opponent of that which you are guilty of…” This is defect and project. Sound familiar? The democrats do this daily. THEY are the ones guilty of collusion; THEY are guilty of sexual misconduct; THEY are the ones taking bribes, etc. He also said, “Give me control of the media, and I’ll give you a nation of pigs…” Ok……well, what do you do with pigs? You slaughter them and use them for whatever purpose you have.

Adolf Hitler said, “To conquer a nation, you must first disarm its people…” Sound familiar? The Nazis hate our Second Amendment. They HATE that the gentry can defend themselves.

Vladimir Lenin often said, “Liberals are useful idiots..” And was he right! Oh, my lord!!! They ARE foolish. I’ve never seen so much stupidity concentrated in one area! It’s like a giant vortex, a vast lake of stupid and these morons went swimming in it!

Liberalism is a mental disease. It has to be. The main ingredient is having a large helping of “stupid.” The next main ingredient is arrogance, then narcissism, and some apathy. Liberals scream just to scream; they beat the drum because they see someone else beating it; they jump on the bandwagon because “everyone else has so it must be cool”, but basically, they are awkward, inward people who will do anything for attention, and worse, acceptance. Yes, they ARE that pathetic.

The NNPA (New Nazi Party in America) knows this. They use these awkward, inward, stupid, attention-starved morons to be their pawns, and of course, the media whores encourage it. And they really are good whores too. They do whatever they’re told; however they’re told, whenever they’re told, and they gratefully accept money for it. Whores.
It’s time for the Citizens to stand up, and start taking the initiatives to rid this nation of these people. Get them out. We can simply take a play from the NNPA playbook and use their own tactics against them. Instead of waiting for them to make a move, it’s time we start being proactive. BLM and ANTIFA are nothing more than stupid, uneducated, awkward, inward little kids in grown-up bodies, who have never learned about consequences. It’s time to start making them accountable. Instead of waiting for them to come to us, we need to go to them, en masse, and stop this crap in its tracks and reverse the damage they have done. This, in laymen’s terms, is called giving them an ass whooping and handing that beaten ass back to them. The time for waiting for the government to do anything is long past. Our law enforcement is up against the wall, and it will take all of us to help them not only sustain this barrage but to overcome it, for if law enforcement falls, so do we.

The Praetorian

Author: The Praetorian

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