Jimmy Kimmel BUSTED Saying N-Word, Using ‘Black Voice’

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has bashed President Trump since day one. Do I think he’s funny? Years ago, maybe.

Cultural Marxists believe Western culture should end as we know it! So why is Kimmel stomping for Marxism? It’s his job. Kimmel’s position forced him to do so if he would like to keep his late-night profession. Globalists have commandeered the BLM movement, and white liberals like Kimmel throw money at the organization as if it were going out of fashion.

In 2018, actor Tom Arnold claimed he has a concealed audio recording of President Trump saying the N-Word. Naturally, Kimmel begged Arnold to release the tape. Did he? No! The audiotape was a nothing burger.

Kimmel wanted the tape so bad; he overlooked the audio recording of him saying the ‘N-Word’ MORE THAN ONCE!

Kimmel recorded himself pretending to be Snoop Dog using a ‘black voice’ on the ‘Man Show’ with co-host Adam Carolla.

Listen to “Racism! Never Trumpers Working With Joe Biden” on Spreaker.

Before we go any further, why is it “okay” for liberals in Hollywood to make fun of disabled men, women, and children? Why is it okay for Hollywood to use straight actors to play gay parts? Why is it alright for Hollywood to dive deep into cultural appropriation, but not the rest of America? Because they’re white liberals, and white liberals get away with murder. We all know this. Just look at the Clintons.

Warning: Offensive Language.

Kimmel has been on “Vacation” this week after backlash. He wore ‘blackface’ years ago, and has refused to apologize for it. No comedian should have to apologize for their jokes, no matter how racist, sexist, rude, and crude they are. They have the RIGHT as comedians under the First Amendment to say what they want. However, Kimmel has held everyone else to a higher social justice standard. The rules don’t apply to him, though. He’s a white liberal. Therefore, he can do what he wants while he slams the President’s wife and kids. Shameful.

Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel’s longtime support of ‘cancel culture’ seems to be catching up to him. I bet he’s wondering when the Hollywood Elite will give him another chance. Don’t be surprised if you see Kimmel back in a couple of months. He’s a white liberal, so it’s okay. Democrats can be as racist as they want. No one will bat an eye.

It’s time Cancel Culture Pays Jimmy Kimmel A Visit!

Jimmy Kimmel

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Listen to “Racism! Never Trumpers Working With Joe Biden” on Spreaker.

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