Democrats Call For GUN CONTROL legislation Amid RIOTS

Gun Control

Democrats push gun control to disarm law-abiding citizens from protecting their families amid Antifa riots.

America is at a crossroads right now. We have to decide between Donald Trump or Joe Biden this November. Right now, we’re at a different crossroads—a road the Democrats have paved to enhance themselves in power. #EndGunViolence & the #WearOrange campaign is pushing for gun confiscation. With everything going on, they’ve vamped up their attack.

Antifa, the anti-fascist-‘fascist’ has infiltrated the nonviolent protests across the country to terminate “White Imperialism.” The only obstacle? The vast majority of Antifa members are, WHITE! White Privileged College students, primarily. Some as young as 16 to as old 60 have joined over a few years. These anarchists have prompted millions of dollars in damages in downtown cities. A now banned twitter account for Antifa-USA tweeted how they were going to abandon the inner cities and hit white suburbs to “Take What’s Ours.” It’s as terrifying as it appears.

My husband and I have been sleeping with a loaded shotgun beside our bed & a pistol under my pillow. We’ve been on edge. We’ve heard gunshots. There have been reports of “Parked Trucks” set on fire, and home invasions have grown two communities over.

Democrats are now calling for Gun Control amid riots. Our Second Amendment rights are at stake in November. We must not allow leftists to disarm us amid Antifa’s violent riots.

Hundreds of elected Democrats all across the nation are speaking out against gun violence, “defund the police”, defund the military, elect Joe Biden, and undo everything President Trump, and hard-working Americans tirelessly built. We’re a nation at war—a war of ideology. The left is attempting a revolution of socialist doctrines. We’ve all seen how it works out in the end.


We know GUN CONTROL doesn’t work. My article, STUDY: Gun Control Laws Make No Difference is a perfect example.

Here is a list of “sponsors” of said Gun Control push:

Amalgamated Bank
Ascendant Athlete
ATX Festival
Bad Robot
Bloomberg LP
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Brooklyn Bowl
Civis Analytics
Clare V.

We Wear Orange Campaign

Mike Bloomberg is pushing HARD for Gun Control. Glad we dodged that bullet.

Americans have a choice in November. Be unarmed, and at risk of losing their businesses to high property taxes, or Antifa. Or, you can choose Freedom & Liberty by re-electing President Trump. Democrats want to defund the police department and take away our second amendment rights. We must NOT let this happen!

Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

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