Ilhan Omar Attacks GOP Leader McCarthy Calling Him Racist

Ilhan Omar

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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar took to Twitter to attack GOP leader Kevin McCarthy calling him a racist. Are you surprised? You should not be. Democrats have a track record of accusing anyone they disagree with of being a racist, sexist, bigoted piece of sh*t to try to score political points with the electorate

Viruses don’t have nationalities. This is racist.

Ilhan Omar (D-MN)

What is wrong with calling it the Chinese coronavirus? Nothing. The origin is Chinese. Therefore it is Chinese. Food is Chinese. Therefore we call it Chinese food. Toys made in China, we call them Chinese made toys. What is so racist about that? Liberals have lost their damn minds.

Here are more examples of FAKE OUTRAGE!

Leftists all have one goal in common. Destroy Donald Trump at all costs. They could care less about whom they hurt in their path, even if it is themselves. Polls have indicated Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in most swing states, but the mainstream media is not telling the truth. The President is confident he and his administration can and will handle the Covid19 Epidemic flawlessly like our nation has any other time in history.

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