Commie-fornia Dem Calls For Trump To Cancel ALL Rallies


No, I’m not Bullsh*tting!

Leave it up to the Democrats to turn a serious health scare into a political stunt.

On Sunday, Democrat Congresswomen Jackie Speier told MSNBC that President Donald J. Trump should cancel all of his future 2020 Presidental rallies due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a highly politicized interview, Speier said that the biggest problem with the coronavirus outbreak was that the American public does not “have any confidence in the president,” and that Trump was responsible for “more and more people” who are “getting sick,” despite having no evidence to substantiate her claims.

“The fact that he is not willing to cancel his various rallies suggests that he is willing to place even his most ardent supporters at risk,” Speier said. “Because we’re supposed to stay six feet away from other persons in order to mitigate the exchange of those viruses. I think that he is showing, unfortunately, why he is so ill-prepared to guide our country during this time of crisis.”

Daily Wire

Funny isn’t it? Democrats claiming the President isn’t “serious” or “Concerned” about public health? Yet, look all across liberal cities where they’ve allowed the homeless to camp in pubic places, and have prevented the police from doing anything about it. Prime example? Austin, Texas. Communist Mayor Steve Adler and the City Council relaxed restrictions on the homeless & allowed them to sleep in public places. Within 6 months, crime doubled, homeless camps quadrupled and the Austin landscape started to change.

Why aren’t Democrats like Jackie Speier calling on Bernie Sanders, or Joe Biden to cancel their rallies? Because it’s all political. They will do and or say anything to defeat Donald Trump. They know they can’t run against his record. America is STRONG!

Just remember, Democrats would rather allow unvaccinated illegals flood over our borders in order to register than as voters to gain power and destroy the economy and defeat Trump than secure the border and protect the American people!

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