TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN KEEPING AN EYE ON OREGON: Huge Cap & Trade Protest At Capital

Cap & Trade

NINETY-FIVE HUNDRED Oregonians* and 1,124 big rigs from all over the state converged peacefully at the State Capital in Salem Thursday to protest the Cap & Trade Bill (HB 1530).  The Bill is being crammed through the 35-day special session without a vote of the people.

The convoy of logging trucks, semis, and various other big rigs drove past the capitol building, honking their horns, while Americans listened to speeches on the steps of the capitol building.  Between the honking and the PA system, ears were ringing by noon.

Inside, Democrat lawmakers were putting their heads together to see how they can shut down Oregon’s economy by pretending that Oregon has a “climate change” problem.  The Cap & Trade bill failed at the end of the 6-month session last year when 11 Republican Senators walked out.  During this short session they are scheming to change the rules so GOP votes literally aren’t counted.


The Trump 2020 Campaign is studying whether or not Oregon can possibly be flipped red this November.  To that end, Lara Trump (the president’s daughter-in-law) and Brad Parscale (campaign manager) came to Eugene in November.  And, they sent firebrand Candace Owens to speak before a sold-out crowd of GOP activists in January.

The campaign reasons that a high turnout to oppose the Cap & Trade bill would be an indication of how tired Oregonians are of Democrat abuses.  And, perhaps, how eager they are to vote for Trump’s re-election.


The bill would devastate Oregon’s economy and throw workers in many industries onto unemployment rolls.  Besides increasing the cost of living for each household by an estimated $2,000 each year, a number of industries would be crippled or killed: Tourism, Logging, Trucking, Agriculture, Farming, Mining, Fishing, to name just some of the direct victims targeted by the bill.

Within two years all vehicles used in commercial activity will be outlawed once they are ten years old.  This would destroy the livelihoods of thousands of self-employed Oregonians because they could not afford brand new trucks every 10 years.**

The bill calls for 72 cents per gallon fuel tax. This massive increase in taxes would also affect many other types of businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, any business that needs trucks to bring their supplies & inventories. 


It is state law that any bill that increases taxes MUST be referred to the voters before becoming law.  Indeed, virtually all tax-increase bills have been voted down over the last four decades.

Knowing the majority of Oregonians don’t approve of this bill, greedy, power-mad Democrats have found a way to block voters from being involved.  They are calling it an “emergency.”


Oregon’s carbon emissions are already the second lowest in the nation, with Alaska being the only state with lower emissions.  This legislation is akin to driving a bulldozer through your house to get rid of a fly. 

Cap & Trade is not needed and it would transform Oregon into an unrecognizable, perhaps third-world-like, state while China, India and other developing economies continue to push massive amounts of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


State Senators Denbrough and Kotak, both Democrats, have publicly stated that Oregonians are “too stupid and uneducated to vote on it.”  THAT about says it all, doesn’t it?

Diane L. Gruber


*This writer rode a chartered rally bus from 45 miles away to this rally, and stayed all day.  Such buses could be seen coming from all over the state.  The big rigs were staged at the Marion County Fairgrounds.  They left one by one throughout the day, driving past the capitol building where 9,500 peaceful protestors were listening to speeches, carrying signs, networking and enjoying the company of Normal Americans.

Oregon Live camera caught two women in serious contemplation over what the Cap & Trade money-grab would do to Normal Oregonians, making us little more than serfs and turning Oregon into a Socialist fiefdom.  This was a rare moment during an exciting day of celebrating our freedoms.  Your writer is in red cape, along with my friend Stacey.

**Just one example: The man who makes a good living using his one dump truck to haul dirt, rock and other debris to and from construction sites.  AND, he could not get unemployment benefits because the self-employed are not eligible.  Another homeless family?

Diane L. Gruber

Author: Diane L. Gruber

I am an American, a patriot, a Conservative, a Republican & a strong Trump supporter. I retired in order to devote 2020 to getting the best president in my lifetime re-elected. Normal Americans have hope for the first time in decades. But, we MUST NOT relax. We have remained silent for too long while Liberalism has caused significant damage to Americans, to American culture and to our nation. Trump's work must continue through 1/2025. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, speak out now. Laugh every time a Liberal speaks, vote every chance we get & volunteer to campaign for Trump. Don't be intimidated by Liberals. Our nation, our culture is too special to lose.

3 thoughts on “TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN KEEPING AN EYE ON OREGON: Huge Cap & Trade Protest At Capital

  1. The last time I attended the truckers rally, I went inside the Capital building and watched an army of college age students in matching T-shirts argue with truckers who had walked in. The college activists said such stupid things as, “Cap and Trade won’t affect rural people because they only take weekly trips into town for multiple chores, while it’s the city people who drive all the time.” What idiocy. These people use their trucks for work. They don’t drive their dump trucks and semis into town just for errands. These little college ignoramuses have no real world experience.

    1. Thanks, Lynell: Your remark is both enlightening and disgusting. Americans under roughly age 40 were indoctrinated in public school, NOT educated. Sad. Diane

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