One Year Out: Let’s Make A Strong Finish For 2020


We are 364 days out until the 2020 presidential election. Some have already started calling it the most crucial vote since 1984. We are calling it the last chance to save our great Republic. 

I want to apologize to the readers. It has been a little less than a year since I stopped bringing you all critical content. My excellent sidekick Diane has done a fantastic job keeping content flowing. She is a tremendous Patriot, whom I consider a friend. My life took a turn for the worse after we moved into our new home. I started having seizures frequently, and my overall health was in decline. I started drinking heavily, and the stress piled on top of me. My marriage started failing apart & there was not much I could not screw up. I am doing better. I started seeing a fantastic physician. We found the right medication to help slow the seizures and hopefully keep them at bay. As for the rest, a work in progress. God is in control. As you all know, I am a devout Catholic, and I have given my problems to God. I can only look at the future instead of the past. Depression is real, and so is the Devil. Try not to allow either one of them into your lives.

Over the last three years, Democratically elected President, Donald J. Trump has delivered on his promises.

  1. Congress passed historic tax reform, saving American families thousands of dollars a year. 1.5 TRILLION in total tax cuts. Families saw more than 3.2 TRILLION in tax cuts.
  2. Over 500 companies have given out bonuses and raise to their employees suppressing minimum-wage expectations.
  3. Businesses have invested more than 450 BILLION dollars in new American projects. 
  4. GDP GREW at or ABOVE 3% for two quarters in a row for the first time in three years. 
  5. In 2018, the first-quarter GDP grew a whopping 2.3% The best since 2015.
  6. The manufacturing industry created over 300k jobs. 
  7. 330k Construction jobs. 
  8. Jobless claims are the lowest in 45 years. 
  9. Unemployment received by an individual is the LOWEST it has been in 45 years. 
  10. The Dow Jones Average hit record highs more than 80 times under the current administration. This includes the highest in history at 26,000.
  11. In 2018 The economy added another 223k Jobs.

Must we keep going? To read more of President Trump Accomplishments Click HERE

President Trump is being attacked from all directions. The Democrats are trying to impeach him for defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Russian Collusion hack was just that, A hack. After Bob Mueller announced to the world that President Trump did not directly collude with the Russians, the Democrats went into panic mode, and have now come up with more bullsh*t lies. You can’t impeach a sitting President because you are mad at him. You cannot impeach a President because you disagree with him, nor can you impeach a President because he hurt your feelings liberals. Sorry,/not sorry. 

We have 364 days until the election, and we must stand up on our two feet and fight! The fake news media are working around the clock to make sure the President will not wit in the oval office for another four years. They forgot how WE THE PEOPLE kicked their asses in 2016, and plan to do so again in 2020. 

Remember, Democrats have always played dirty. They will use every single tactic known to man to gain power again. They did it in 2018, and they will do it again in 2020. Get out there and register Republican voters. Sitting at home & doing nothing is not going to Keep America Great. We can NOT afford to lose our Republic. 

There is not one Democrat at this point who will save the Republic. The word Democrat does not mean what it used too. Liberal does not mean what it applies. Liberal, once said less. It now means more. Take more, spend more, steal more, use more.

Vote Republican, Vote Donald Trump in 2020 


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