What To Expect Next: 2020


Hello all! How the hell are ya? It’s been a while. Life is one crazy roller coaster ride isn’t it? In reality, life is what you make it. I like a little drama from time to time. No, I’m not that stuck up little rich white kid everyone thinks I am. I live in a trailer park in a tiny home like a good little hipster. HA!

2020 is heating up. What should we expect next?

The Democrats have nothing to run on. Their economic agenda will destroy all small and most large businesses. Higher taxes will cause the economy to slow. As of right now, the economy is growing at 2.0 % currently. It’s not the 3.0% we had last quarter, but we will get there. President Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, and the American people trust him to make the right decisions.

Currently, the 2020 Democratic field consists of wealthy rich white folks who want to take your guns, government control over healthcare, raise your taxes, destroy the coal industry, invest in green jobs that were already invested in and never took off. BILLIONS of dollars wasted, and for what? Solyndra to go bankrupt….

Pocahontas, Biden, and Sanders would bring this economy to her knees. What President Trump accomplished in only 3 short years has really resonated with millions of Americans. Don’t expect there to be a huge blow-out from the Democrats. They KNOW Trump is on his game. ( Please excuse all the grammatical errors)

Don’t give up. Fight for what’s RIGHT! America doesn’t need to become Venezuela. If we elect a Democrat from this line-up, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. There is no moderate Democrat going to be on the ticket. There will either be a Sanders/Warren or Biden/ Warren. Either way, the Democratic party will choose Warren to be on either side of the ticket. They know she can pull the white middle-class female votes.

We’re almost a year away from the general election. Let’s get boots on the ground, and start campaigning for President Trump’s second term!

God bless yall!

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