Flush Down Kate Brown: Vote TWICE To Get Rid Of Oregon’s Governor

Recall Oregon’s Governor

In her quest for ever more power, and ever more money to increase her power, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has trampled & stomped Oregonians like bugs.  Since she knows she is superior to virtually all of her constituents, Brown has overturned the will of the people with her strong arm tactics:

Brown granted drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens after Oregonians voted no!

As the illegal aliens are acquiring their drivers’ licenses, the DMV clerk signs them up to vote as registered Democrats  !  !  !

Brown reversed ballot measures that limited taxation.

She repeatedly used the “emergency clause” on non-emergency legislation to prevent the issue from being voted on by Oregonians.

Governor Brown signed “Red Flag” legislation to deny law-abiding citizens their right to self-defense.**


Governor Brown not only shows no interest in the safety of Oregonians, but actually aids and abets criminal activity by “certain” people.  She actively invites illegal aliens, both criminals & non-criminals, to move to Oregon where they will be protected from law enforcement.

For five plus years domestic terrorist groups, such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, have rioted & terrorized Oregonians with impunity.  The rioting & injuries have been especially chronic & acute in Portland where the Democrat mayor orders police to stand down while Oregonians are beaten up by BLM & Antifa thugs.  Brown could have and should have sent the National Guard to Portland to quell the riots and protect law-abiding people.


Brown’s rise to power was funded by public employees unions and George Soros.***  Since she is bought and paid for by unions, she has done nothing to address the underfunded Public Employees Retirement System.  Continuing to pay one of the highest pensions in the nation will either result in state bankruptcy or very draconian tax measures against Oregonians.

Many government retirees receive more in monthly pension benefits than they received in earned salary.  Retirees from the private sector can only dream of the financial security Oregon’s public retirees have.


Governor Brown’s term ends in January 2023.  Common sense Oregonians want Governor Kate Brown out of office so bad that they have started not one, but two, Recall Campaigns. 

An independent, non-partisan group was formed to get the Recall Brown issue before the voters.  They are calling themselves FlushDownKateBrown and their symbol is a big pile of brown poop.

The Chair of Oregon GOP, Bill Currier, started a Recall process, as well.  These two Recall Petitions do not compete with each other for signatures.  Every registered Oregon voter can sign both

It is possible that Oregon voters will have two Recall Ballots to vote on, if both groups get the required number of signatures.*** 


Diane L. Gruber

Disgusted Oregonian

*A red flag law allows police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may (in a Liberal’s opinion) present a danger to others or themselves.  A judge makes the determination to issue the order based on statements and actions made by the gunowner in question. After a set time, the guns are returned to the person from whom they were seized unless another court hearing extends the period of confiscation. 

NOTE: THIS PERSON HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME.  Based upon OPINION and not FACTS, an American is deprived of a basic Civil Right.  Like Abuse Prevention Restraining Orders, this will be used & abused by family members who have a dispute with the targeted person, and not for safety.  This is yet ANOTHER scheme to destroy Second Amendment Rights.

Such unconstitutional orders are known as “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” (ERPO) in Oregon.

**Although Soros’ 2018 donation has not been revealed, the rumor in the capital is that Soros’ organization gave Brown over $500,000.

***When Brown was Oregon’s Secretary of State (2009-2015) she went to great links to suppress Oregonians’ right to place issues on the ballot.  The Secretary of State controls and administers all elections.  During Brown’s regime it was necessary for petitioners to get twice the number of required signatures in order to get the issue on the ballot. 

Brown played many tricks to keep citizen-pushed issues off the ballot.  One example, if there was one signature on a full petition of 10 signatures who was not a registered voter, Brown would throw out the entire petition page, thus disenfranchising nine voters’ voices.  Another example, she divided each petition into counties.  A voter who lived in Clackamas County, for example, had to sign on the page that had “Clackamas County” at the top.  If that voter signed on a page that had another county’s name at the top, Brown would throw out the entire pageful of 10 signatures.

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Author: Diane L. Gruber

I am an American, a patriot, a Conservative, a Republican and one molly whopped Trump supporter. I have a hard time understanding how ONE man can improve life in America so quickly. Normal Americans have hope for the first time in decades. But, we MUST NOT relax. We have remained silent for too long while Liberalism has caused significant damage to Americans, to American culture and to our nation. I am hellbent on getting Trump re-elected in 2020. I have never been involved in political campaigns, but want to be a delegate to the GOP convention in NC in August 2020. Trump's work must continue for 5 more years. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, speak out now. Laugh every time a Liberal speaks, vote every chance we get and volunteer to campaign for Trump. Don't be intimidated by Liberals.

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