Reports Of Sexism & Women Being Paid Less By Sanders Campaign

Sanders Campaign

When you think of Bernie Sanders, you think of a Socialist who wants everyone to be equal no matter the costs. That seems to be a problem for Sanders campaign. Women have spoken out against Sexism & even being paid less for just being a woman. What ever happened to “Women are equal to men” Bernie?

In February 2016, Giulianna Di Lauro, a Latino outreach strategist for Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential operation, complained to her supervisor that she had been harassed by a campaign surrogate whom she drove to events ahead of the Democratic primary in Nevada.

She said the surrogate told her she had “beautiful curly hair” and asked if he could touch it, Ms. Di Lauro said in an interview. Thinking he would just touch a strand, she consented. But she said that he ran his hand through her hair in a “sexual way” and continued to grab, touch and “push my boundaries” for the rest of the day.

“I just wanted to be done with it so badly,” she said.

When she reported the incident to Bill Velazquez, a manager on the Latino outreach team, he told her, “I bet you would have liked it if he were younger,” according to her account and another woman who witnessed the exchange. Then he laughed.


Liberals constantly condemn men for just being men. They want us to live a certain way & treat women better than we treat ourselves… nothing wrong with that, but when you do what you tell US not to do…. then there is a problem.


“There was an entire wave of rotten sexual harassment that seemingly was never dealt with,” one of the delegates wrote in a December email, obtained by The New York Times, to a Sanders political strategist.

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