Former Army Intelligence Analyst Chelsea Manning ARRESTED!

Chelsea Manning

Trans icon Chelsea Manning has been arrested after he/she refused to testify in the Wikileaks case.

Former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning will be held in jail until she testifies before a grand jury or that grand jury is no longer operating, a federal judge in Alexandria ruled Friday.

Most of the hearing at which prosecutors argued for Manning to be held in contempt was sealed, but the court was open to the public for argument over whether she should be put in jail and Judge Claude M. Hilton’s ruling.

“I’ve found you in contempt,” Hilton said. He ordered her to custody immediately, “either until you purge yourself or the end of the life of the grand jury.”

The investigation Manning was called to testify in remains secret, but she said she was asked about WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website she shared classified documents with back in 2010. Manning served seven years of a 35 year prison sentence for her leak before receiving a commutation from President Barack Obama.

Washington Post

This seems to be something bigger than we imagined. The Federal Government is pushing their weight around as if they’re entitled to answers. Manning ( liked by some hated by many) almost reveals him/herself as a Patriot for exposing the federal government much like Edward Snowden. These whistle-blowers are enemy number one.

I’ve often wondered how much corruption the Feds have gotten away with many years before social media let alone the internet. I’m on the fence with Manning being a Patriot. The right information getting into the wrong hands is the last thing America needs.

Prosecutor Tracy McCormick said the jail has experience handling both transgender inmates and public figures.

“The government does not want to confine Ms. Manning,” McCormick said. “She could change her mind right now and decide to testify.”

Manning’s attorney did thank prosecutors for working in “good faith,” saying “they bent over backwards to accommodate” medical needs linked to Manning’s gender reassignment surgery.

Hilton said any medical concerns Manning has should be addressed with the U.S. Marshals but that the court was available if she has problems.

WikiLeaks’s founder, Julian Assange, has been charged in a case that remains under seal but was inadvertently exposed by prosecutors late last year, though the details remain secret. He is currently in asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

This is a developing story.

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