President Trump Gets A 2020 Republican Challenger


If anyone thinks they can beat President Trump in the GOP they’re SADLY mistaken. The President has become very popular over the last two years even after the establishment GOP did everything in their power to stop Trump from becoming POTUS. Even the likes of Eric Erickson, a Republican blogger and radio host who defined himself as a Never Trumper. There isn’t anyone that could beat President Trump in the primaries, but one man thinks he can do it.

William “Bill” Weld, the 2016 Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate and running mate of New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is that guy. A source very close to Weld claims the former Massachusetts Governor would make the formal announcement on Friday.

GOP sources told WMUR that the former governor will make what was described as a substantial step, or a substantial move, toward a candidacy. Such a step could be the establishment of an exploratory committee, although that remains to be seen for certain.

Friday’s appearance will be the first of two for Weld in the Granite State in an 11-day period. As WMUR reported, Weld on Feb. 26 will speak to students at New England College.

Weld, 73, who served as governor of Massachusetts from 1991-1997, was the Libertarian vice presidential nominee in the 2016 election, running with presidential nominee Gary Johnson, a former New Mexico governor. Weld criticized Trump regularly on the campaign trail, while withholding criticism of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

More details on Weld’s political history and his comments about his plans can be found in WMUR’s earlier report here.

Weld recently changed his party registration in Canton, Massachusetts back to Republican, according to The Associated Press.

Republican former Ohio Gov. John Kasich has not ruled out a nomination challenge to the sitting president, but his recent sign-on with CNN as a political commentator has some political observers speculating that the move means he will not run.

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake has taken himself out of contention.

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