Alyssa Milano “Condemns” Jussie Smollett, But Did She Though?

Alyssa Milano

For years, Hollywood has demanded respect from normal everyday Americans. They’ve preached how we should live our lives & for years have condemned anyone who thinks differently than them. After President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election, Hollywood came out in full force trashing anyone who voted Trump. What didn’t expect was America to revolt against them.

Hollywood award shows have plummeted by more than 50%. Americans aren’t watching these shows anymore after they’ve become very political.

Jussie Smollett, the openly gay African American actor who stars in the show “Empire” faked an attack & blamed White MAGA hate wearing Trump supporters. Little did he know, this would soon backfire in his face when Chicago Police asked to see his phone and refused to give it over. America wasn’t stupid. What Trump supporters would be in downtown Chicago wearing Make America Great Again Hats at 2:30 in the morning. I ask again, Who in their right mind would be in DOWNTOWN CHICAGO at 2:30 AM and target someone who is just walking down the street. This has NEVER happened even in broad daylight in the midwest.

We now learn Smollett lied and payed two Nigerian extras from Empire to beat him up and put a noose around his neck. America was right. This was a flase attack.

Hollywood came out and showed Smollett support beyond disgust. Everyone from the cast of Riverdale, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Kathy Griffin and even Alyssa Milano.

After the news broke, Only Corey Booker claimed he wouldn’t comment any further on the Smollett case until more information was released.

Alyssa Milano finally took to twitter and spoke out against Smollett… but did she really though?

Celebrity activist Alyssa Milano is apparently having a hard time believing that Jussie Smollett would actually fake a hate crime attack, wondering who “could be that hurtful.”
“If that man staged his own attack he is wrong in so many ways. No one could be that hurtful? To stage this? Right?” Alyssa Milano pleaded.

“To fuck with all of us by playing into our weaknesses & make it even harder for victims to come forward?! No one could choose to be that hurtful? Right?! RIGHT?”


It doesn’t seem like she “Condemned” Smollett but some how put the blame on someone else? ” No one could be that hurtful? To stage this? Right?” That right there proves she still believes Smollett. This is what’s amazing about Hollywood. The truth could be right in front of them and they still claim it’s lies. You could have video proof that goes against their allegations and they would tell you the video was lying, or it was doctored even if the video was raw and uncut.

We think it’s high time Hollywood comes out and apologizes for demeaning Trump supporters. However, the sad reality is this will never happen. Hollywood is too into themselves to do the right thing. They expect us to keep watching and reading what they have to say. You can bet, Hollywood will suffer greatly after President Trump is re-elected.

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