Why I Call Robert Francis O’Rourke “Beta” Instead Of Beto


Before Francis O’Rourke announced he would be taking on Texas Senator Ted Cruz no one really knew who he was outside of West, Texas. Hell, the first time I heard his name was when an old roommate of mine started talking mad Sh*t about this dude named “Beto” after he defeated her uncle Silvestre Reyes in the 16th congressional district of Texas. Being so active in politics, I had to ask her about this “Beto”. The Roomie claimed “Beto” had spread a bunch of lies in the local media about her uncle & accused him of many untrue things. Naturally, I looked up this “Beto” guy & the first thing that came to mind was “Beta”. His skater boy haircut & sh*t eating grin just didn’t rub me the right way.

Fast Forward To 2018

Robert O’Rourke announced in March of 2017 that he would be running against Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Texas being a Republican stronghold meant Robert would have to get really crafty. That he did. He used his childhood nick name “Beto” and used a simple Black & White sign resembling the Spicy Ketchup logo at Whataburger.

When I first saw campaign sign, I knew I had to come up with something crafty like Beto did. So, I created the “Beta For Senate” sign using one of his own.


Seen all around Austin, My “Beta For Senate” sign caught the eyes of many Austinites. You can only imagine the road rage & middle fingers I received. I can’t even begin to count how many times I was prevented from merging, change lanes, or even sit at green light for more than a millisecond. The Austin liberal establishment couldn’t stand it that someone in their little socialist utopia wasn’t afraid to show the world what he thought about Mr. Beto.

I felt Beto’s stance on guns, Immigration, the role of the man, feminism & the American way of life didn’t represent my values at all. The Term SOY BOY came to mind. So, Beta it was!

Texas being Texas: Robert lost to Senator Ted Cruz, but not by a landslide. Apparently many Texans stayed home on election day due to their distaste of Cruz after he slammed President Trump up until the Presidential election. That hurt the Senator & now he understands why it’s important to listen to the American people instead of coming up with his own poll numbers & getting sh*t faced drunk at the Redneck roadhouse and having to be carried to his SUV to get back to his downtown Houston Condo.

I’m looking forward for Robert’s 2020 Presidential bid. This time, I’m securing the funding to have “BETA 2020” bumper stickers, Yard Signs, Flags, Shirts and everything in between made. Americas Values are not Beto O’Rourke’s values. President Trump’s Alpha Male personality will destroy Beta!

Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

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