Thanks NRA: Homeowner Opens Fire During East Houston Break-In



HOUSTON — Three people are dead and one is recovering after a home invasion in east Houston overnight.

Police say four men forced their way into a home on Sherman at 71st. The  homeowner grabbed his gun and shot all four of them.

We’re told one suspect died at the scene. Two others died at a hospital. The fourth suspect was taken to the hospital and went into surgery.

The homeowner was reportedly not injured. Houston police say the homeowner claimed self-defense and has been taken in to HPD headquarters for questioning. Via KVUE

This wont make major news, but we feel it’s important to show how this homeowner saved their life after thugs broke into their home. This law-abiding gun owner used their gun for what it’s for…defending themselves against tyrants. Burglars beware!

The Second Amendment was given to us by the Founding Fathers not only to kill food for us to survive, but to also protect ourselves from all types of Tyranny. God bless this gun owner!

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