Speaker Pelosi Shrugs Off Illegal Aliens Tied To Terrorism/Rejects “Facts”

Speaker Pelosi

Newly Elected House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi attended the White House Border-Crisis meeting Wednesday where she met with DHS secretary
Kirstjen Nielsen. Secretary Nielsen presented Speaker Pelosi with some very troubling stats. According to Nielsen, there is a major crisis happening down on our Southern border. U.S.-Mexico border had apprehended about 3,000 people with terrorist ties and 17,000 criminals last year Nielsen told Pelosi.

17,000 criminals with 3,000 being tied to terrorism. How can anyone shrug that off? 3,000 terrorist tried to get into our nation & the speaker of the house doesn’t care? There has to be something wrong if you believe everything is going to be okay. Middle Eastern Terrorist have tried to get into our country through our southern borders more than just a few times. Reports years back that ISIS was trying to cross the border illegally to meet up with American terrorist cells all over the Midwest.

At one point during the meeting, according to the Wall Street Journal, Pelosi interrupted Nielsen, who was citing statistics related to the border, including how many criminal illegal immigrants attempted to enter the U.S. last year.
“I reject your facts,” Pelosi told Nielsen
“These aren’t my facts,” Nielsen shot back. “These are the facts.”

Fox News

“These aren’t my facts…. “These are the facts.”

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

Secretary Nielsen took to twitter to express her disappointment

When shown the facts, Speaker Pelosi just didn’t give a rats ass what the facts were. She’s more focused on making sure the President doesn’t do the job he was hired to do. “Resist” has been the Democrats motto for the last two years. Nothing is being accomplished with Bi-partisan support due to the “resist” movement.

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