Rashida Tlaib Runs Like A Coward When Media Confronts Her

Tlaib Runs

Rashida Tlaib the newly elected Muslim Congresswoman from Detroit, Michigan just can’t catch a break. After making some very disturbing & disgusting comments about President Trump, the media wants a piece of the action. In typical liberal fashion, Tlaib runs away from anyone asking questions that doesn’t fit into her bubble. As you can see from the video below, Tlaib is literally doing everything in her power to get away from reporters asking her if she actually stands by her comments. They also ask her if she stands by her comments then why is she running away?

Rashida Tlaibs comments were not only profane, but damn right disrespectful to the sitting U.S President. Yes, President Trump has had his fair share of profane rants, but he owns them. Tlaib runs away from them like a coward.

Tlaib ran from reporters who asked her about her comments as she moved fast and changed direction in an attempt to dodge their questions.

Tlaib’s inability to answer questions from a small group of harmless reporters came just minutes after she tweeted that she “will always speak truth to power. #unapologeticallyMe”

Daily Wire

Apparently, she’s nothing more than a mouth piece for the Democrats who are now separating themselves from her. It’s starting to look like she’s their “Fall Girl”.

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