Racist Novelty Item Spotted In Elizabeth Warrens House


Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren has made headlines recently after she went on Instagram Live to “Have A Beer” with her husband at their Cambridge Massachusetts Home. She awkwardly Thanked her Husband for being there. Who thanks their husband for being at their own home? What do we not know about the Warrens?

A racist figuring was spotted just above Warrens head. if you look closely, it’s hard to deny what it actually is. You be the judge.

Call it what you will, but to us it looks like Elizabeth Warren brought something very racist from Oklahoma with her to Cambridge. The Democratic party has a long history of being racist & carrying over racist traditions with them. Let it be known that if a Republican had this in their home it would be national news by now. Democrats own racism. They’re the ones obsessed with talking about it. They’ve kept the African American community in the ghettos for years by promising them free stuff & making them feel “Good” about themselves. President Trump has brought the African American community out of poverty. It’s a known fact the media refuses to report on it. They still make it seem like hes the racist. Old Pocahontas sure has some explaining to do.

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