Queer “Scientist” Attacks President Trump Claiming He Turned Him Into An Alcoholic.

Apparently, President Trump is turning members of the Queer community into alcoholics. Yeah, no joke.

I never really understood how anyone could hate Donald Trump unless they were just jealous of him. Judging by these Queens, they’re defiantly jealous of him.

-African Americans
Let’s not forget the two trade deals this President made that is saving the United States BILLIONS of dollars.

Immigration? They think he’s racist because of Immigration YET THEY FAIL TO CONDEMN OR CALL DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERS RACIST FOR SAYING THE SAME EXACT WORDS JUST A FEW YEARS AGO. Funny how liberals ignore the fact that the very same people they voted for supported the fence/wall under Obama. That’s what makes me laugh.

Here is my Podcast where I talk about the Queer becoming an alcoholic over the 45th President.

Let it be known that Barack Obama did nothing for the LGBT community. Marriage “Equality” didn’t happen because of him. A Republican SCOTUS Judge made it happen.

Democrat could literally exterminate the Jewish people and the LGBT community would still vote for them. That’s how disgusting they are. It’s damn right shameful. President Trump took a vow to protect the LGBT community from Radicalized Islamic Terrorist and they still called him a racist. How pathetic can you be?

Note: This buffoon and his gang of imbeciles were not named in my article. I refuse any clickable links directing traffic to their site.

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