‘Gay-Redneck Texan’ Calls Out Reza Aslan For Wanting To Punch Kids

reza aslan

Most of you have seen the tweet from Iranian Author Reza Aslan. The tweet consisted of an image of a teenage boy wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat face to face with a Native American. Under the image, the text reads: “Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” .

The photo was meant to depict Rich White Catholic Cis Males harassing a native American protesting. America was up in arms from both sides of the aisle. Little did the left know, the photo was taken out of context. The reality? The Catholic school boys were waiting on their buses to arrive to be taken back to Kentucky when all of a sudden Native American protesters along with Black Hebrew Israelites ( who we may mention have become more militant and disgustingly racist towards white Americans.) approached the group of Catholic Boys while they were chanting their school’s fight song and started hurling Anti-America slurs like ” Go back to Europe where you came from” and not only were they rude, but bullying teenage boys. How disgusting is that? Grown ass men acting like little they’re someone special.

Well, I have a proposal for these “men”. How about you march your asses right’on down here to Texas & step toe to toe with me and see how far you get. This is Texas. We don’t dial 911. We fix the problem ourselves. YOU “MEN” think your bad asses because you picked a fight with a bunch of teens boys? I say come harass me.

However, you know that wouldn’t happen. I have yet to name the Native American protester because his name isn’t worth mentioning. The man had lied many times in the past & has yet to apologize for harassing these teenage boys.

The media is in retract mode right now trying to clean up the mess they made.

The boy who’s name has been run through the mud is Nick Sandmann & he’s now in a position to sue every single media outlet & personality for slandering his name after he did absolutely nothing wrong.

It Get’s Better

Just days before Aslan tweeted the threat, he tweeted out how the new Gillette commercial “I’m not gonna lie. This made me cry.”

The Narrative here is all rich white catholic school boys are racist nazis with racist nazi rich white parents & rich men murdered Indians and rape their women. That’s basically saying these boys are directly responsible for things that happened in the past. It’s the past. None of that is happening in America anymore. Not to mention, if you want to get technical… before anyone came to America… the natives were conquering each others tribes because their “God” told them too.

It’s time the media is held accountable, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Let’s hope Sandmann and the Covington Catholic High School sue the hell out of the Fake News Media!

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Author: Ethan Sabo

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