Fake News: CNN Busted For Lying About ‘March For Life’ Participation

Fake News

CNN is a house hold name when it comes to reporting “Fake News”. Hell, the term fake news was created by CNN after they constantly reported false information about then candidate Donald Trump.

During President Trump’s Inaugural address hundreds of thousands of Americans showed up to show their support for the newly elected President. CNN decided to show up early, take photos of the early crowd size and post it all over social media claiming President Trump didn’t have anyone in the crowd watching.

Que Students For Life D.C March

CNN reported that only about a 1000 students showed up to the D.C event. Not only is this fake news, but it’s sad that a news organization would trash student groups who support the right to life. Like CNN many other major news organizations have become Pro-Choice & only report on Progressive movements and inflate their crowd sizes.

The 2019 March for Life saw Vice President Mike Pence deliver a surprise speech and also featured a video message from President Donald Trump touting the administration’s many pro-life policies.

The March for Life is the largest pro-life gathering in the nation, with Life News estimating over 100,000 people in attendance, well over the 1000 reported by CNN.

The March for Life does not release official figures on the size of the crowd, but some estimates in years past have put the number at nearly half a million, with an estimated 650,000 attending the event in 2013.

Todd Starnes

CNN will never be a trusted news source again. Their constant lies and spread of fake news has rub the American people the wrong way. If you watch CNN then you probably hate the President and likes being lied to on a daily basis. Those who claim CNN is a “Trusted” news source probably doesn’t even know the pay checks have gotten fatter thanks to THEIR President due to the fact they’re so use to getting screwed over by the high taxes their Lord And Savior Barack Hussein Obama implemented!

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