Dems Busted In “False Flag” Campaign Operations

False Flag

The Democratic Party has been playing some very dirty Politics the last few weeks. It’s day 19 & The Democratic Leadership under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have decided to play game with the American people. Instead of funding President Trump’s very popular border wall, Democrats have decided to ignore THE FACTS. Does that not surprise you? It didn’t us either. When Democrats were making their plea to the American voters in 2018 there seems to have been one common denominator. RESIST!

It seems the liberal media has been using the Shutdown to cover up something more daunting.

Rush Limbaugh is back in full force this week — and making sure his massive listening audience isn’t missing the biggest stories of the last few days, including those going underreported. One of the big stories that has largely flown under the radar is Democrat activists getting busted in “false flag” election campaigns in 2017.

“Remember this Dry Alabama result that we had yesterday?” Limbaugh said in reference to reports Monday revealing that progressive Democrats engaged in “false flag” online campaigns in 2017 targeting embattled Republican Roy Moore. “There was I think some pretty big news made yesterday that has not even been repeated that was revealed on this program.”

Limbaugh provided some background: “What happened was Reid Hoffman, a tech Silicon Valley gazillionaire who co-founded LinkedIn, contributed a hundred thousand dollars or more to an operation run against Roy Moore in Alabama, the special election there against Doug Jones, the Democrat.” The “false flag” operations by Democrats, Limbaugh said, imitated Russian tactics, in part playing into the Democrats’ “Russian meddling” narrative, which had really gotten cranking by then.

Limbaugh is referencing a story reported by The New York Times Monday revealing that Democrat-funded campaigns were using the same tactics Russians used in their 2016 disinformation campaigns to torpedo Moore. The first operation, the Times reports, “was explicitly devised to try out the tactics of the Russian operation. … Rather than Russians working in St. Petersburg posing as Americans, this time Democrats — most of them far from Alabama — pretended to be conservative state residents.”

“It was exactly the kind of operation they say that Trump and the Russians cooperated in to defeat Hillary!” said Limbaugh. He then threw in a line for the more conspiratorial types: “Who’s to say that all of this Russian meddling from the get-go hasn’t been run by Democrats right out of the DNC, right out of the Hillary campaign?”

The Daily Wire
False Flag

Matt Osborne, a veteran progressive activist who worked on the project, said he hoped that such deceptive tactics would someday be banned from American politics. But in the meantime, he said, he believes that Republicans are using such trickery and that Democrats cannot unilaterally give it up.

“If you don’t do it, you’re fighting with one hand tied behind your back,” said Mr. Osborne, a writer and consultant who lives outside Florence, Ala. “You have a moral imperative to do this — to do whatever it takes.”

The discovery of Dry Alabama, the second so-called false flag operation by Democrats in the fiercely contested Alabama race, underscores how dirty tricks on social media are creeping into American politics. The New York Times reported last month on a separate project that used its own bogus conservative Facebook page and sent a horde of Russian-looking Twitter accounts to follow Mr. Moore’s to make it appear as if he enjoyed Russian support.


Roy Moore was set up & The Democrats have been unmasked by their own The New York Times. Using these tactics should be illegal. No Man or Woman should have to deal with the opposite parties flat our lies. Isn’t that Defamation of character? isn’t’ that already illegal? Apparently not as Dough Jones sits in the Alabama Senate Seat. Jeff Sessions must be proud.

Democrats have always used trickery to win elections. They will lie, cheat, steal & in my own opinion commit murder. 

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but when you look at the Clinton Body Count & what each person who died’s roll was with the Clinton’s…. you start asking yourself…”Am I crazy? Or does this just make PERFECT Sense?”

Democrats are trying to undermined the President every step of the way. The problem is President Trump is playing Chess while liberals are playing checkers. It’s all in the Art Of The Deal!

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