Dem Rep. Sends Out Racist Tweet Then Deletes It

Racist Tweet

After the Democrats took over the House Of Representatives they created the biggest partisan road block for the Republican Administration under Donald Trump. Why would they do this? They don’t really have a legitimate reason. Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump is the only clear reason why they hate the President so much. These people would rather play politics with the American people lives & put them in danger by not securing the border. It’s a shame. It’s very disgusting, but at the end of the day…. Its the New Democrat Party.

On Tuesday night, Rep. Steve Cohen — who introduced the measure to abolish the electoral college — implied on Twitter that Trump’s address from the Oval Office resembled Ku Klux Klan “tactics.”

Cohen also strongly suggested that Trump’s “audience” is similar to Ku Klux Klan membership.

Below is a screenshot of the tweet Cohen deleted:

In another tweet, Cohen uploaded an image that was aimed at deriding Americans as “plain folks of the land” whose souls are embodied by “a downright and complete narcissistic moron” like Trump.

Democrats always show their true colors when they’re upset. They will show you exactly who they are before they even know they’re doing it. Just remember, the Democrat party IS the party of the Ku Klux Klan. No. There WASN’T a switch in parties like everyone is told to believe. Democrats have always been Democrats. I use to think the same thing. Democrats are now Republicans and Republicans are now Democrats. No! That NEVER HAPPENED! Republicans have always been the party of Lincoln & the party that Freed The Slaves. We’re the party that fought to end the Civil War. We’re the party that stood up to racism & supported the Civil Rights Bill. President Trump isn’t the racist the Democrats want you to believe he is.

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