2020 Democrat Hopeful Tulsi Gabbard Given Pass For Anti-Gay Past.

When you think of “LGBTQ RIGHTS” you think of the Democratic party. That’s the normal. Do I support “Gay Rights”. I do, but then I don’t. I like having the same rights as everyone else. What I have a problem with is the Government using it’s “power” to create laws without the people voting on it first. I thought we were a Republic & not a Democracy? The Founding Fathers have been rolling in their graves since Lincoln.

Anti Gay Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is the latest Dem to apologize for her hateful rhetoric against the LGBT community in the past. The problem with her apologizing now instead of before is she’s eyeing the White House in 2020. No one has ever heard of Gabbard until now. Apparently, she’s thrown her hat in the ring to run against President Trump. That’s not only laughable, but pathetic.

Gabbards Homophobic Past

Gabbard has a long history of homophobia starting with her Anti-Gay father Mike Gabbard where she supported introducing a constitutional amendment to ban Same Sex marriage. Gabbard was a trail blazer condemning the LGBTQ community any way she could.

In 2000, Gabbard defended her mother, who was running for office, against critics, saying, “This war of deception and hatred against my mum is being waged by homosexual activists because they know, that if elected, she will not allow them to force their values down the throats of the children in our schools.

Gabbard worked on the “The Alliance For Traditional Marriage” that supported & funded “Conversion Therapy” for LGBTQ youth. Gabbard has history of being Anti-Gay just like many Republicans have, the only difference is she’s a Democrat therefore she gets a pass for being a Bigot while Republicans who have come out in support of LGBT “Rights” get nothing but lies spread about them, and their names run through the mud.

When you go to Gabbards 2020 website, you are hit with a contribution page & can go no further unless you contribute to her campaign. She’s using the Pelosi trick where you have to pay for it before you can see what’s in it. Typical Democrat BS!

The double standard here is pathetic. The LGBT left has given Gabbard a pass and so has the main stream media. How can you trust someone like Gabbard when she’s exactly like Hillary Clinton? The two only support Gay issues when it can benefits them being elected to power.

Gabbard (D-Hawaii), who announced a 2020 presidential bid last Friday, has come under fresh scrutiny in recent weeks after CNN published a story outlining her past remarks. During a 2002 run for the Hawaii state legislature, the Democratic congresswoman touted her work with The Alliance for Traditional Marriage, an organization run by her father that advocated against pro-gay rights lawmakers and in favor of an amendment to the state’s constitution banning same-sex marriage.

Gabbard’s father, Mike Gabbard, advocated against gay rights in Hawaii in the 1990s, telling Honolulu Magazine that homosexuality “not normal, not healthy, morally and scripturally wrong.” Tulsi Gabbard said she supported her father’s views at the time, and The New Yorker reported that she advocated against legislation in Hawaii to combat anti-gay bullying, saying it would be “inviting homosexual-advocacy organizations into our schools to promote their agenda to our vulnerable youth.”


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