Trump Becomes First POTUS To Receive Refund From A Prostitute!


Before You Get All Bent Out Of Shape, Calm down! It was just a joke. In reality, who really gives a damn if he did or didn’t sleep with Stormy Daniels. Melania doesn’t give a damn, and neither should we. If I were a straight man, I would probably give Trump a high-five

Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels was ordered by a judge to pay President Trump $292k in legal fees plus another $1000 in sanctions. President Trumps lawyer had orginaly asked for $390K in feed for defending the suit. On Tuesday, a Los Angles Judge ordered Stormy to pay 25% less then what Trump’s lawyer asked. That’s still a significant amount of money. No worries thought. We’re sure she will screw someone for the money. That’s her line of work anyway. So no misogyny here! 

“They received less than one half what they asked for because the request was gross and excessive,” Clifford’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, said in an email after the ruling.

Earlier this year, Clifford said she was threatened by an unknown man in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011 for agreeing to cooperate with a magazine article about a tryst she says she had with Trump in 2006. After her lawyer released a composite sketch of the man, Trump accused Clifford in an April tweet of “a total con job” concerning a “nonexistent man.”

U.S. District Judge James Otero threw out Clifford’s lawsuit in November, saying Trump’s “defaming” tweet was protected free speech.

Otero said in Tuesday’s ruling that deterrence seems to be working because Clifford is trying to withdraw another defamation claim pending in his court and she hasn’t taken further legal action against Trump “despite rhetorically hyperbolic statements” he’s made about her recently. In October, Trump called Clifford “horseface” in a tweet and said he “can now go after” her and “her 3rd rate lawyer.”

Clifford still has a case pending in Los Angeles to challenge the non-disclosure agreement she signed with Trump’s then-lawyer Michael Cohen to prevent her from discussing the alleged affair. Trump and Cohen both have said they won’t enforce that agreement and that the case should be thrown out as moot.

“Stormy will never have to pay a dime” of the money awarded to Trump Tuesday, Avenatti said, “because they owe her over $1 million in attorneys’ fees and costs from the NDA case, especially in light of Cohen’s guilty plea.”

Via: Bloomberg

Again, Why should be care what he did or didn’t do before he was elected President Of The United States?  We shouldn’t. it’s NONE of our business. His personal life should stay just that. Some good has come out of this if you really think about it. Stormy Daniels exposing the Democrats for who they really are. They will do, and or say anything to win. Yet, they keep losing. Michael Avanatti has become a national disgrace. Not only was he trying to set himself up as the lawyer who got Donald Trump, but the lawyer who got Donald Trump, then beat Donald Trump in his re-election. After many months of dealing with Avanatti we know know he’s a womanizing prick who will never be President. 

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