MOVEON.ORG IS STUCK IN DC SWAMP MUD was created by two Democrats and backed by various moneyed Globalists & Socialists during the Clinton Administration.  They coined the term “MoveOn,” which meant America should just “move on” instead of impeaching President Clinton.

I agreed with their goal, but not the reason for it.  Clinton was a Constitutionally elected president.  “We The People” elected Clinton, so a handful of House and Senate members should not be allowed to override the will of American voters.  Likewise, a handful of Deep State operatives should not deprive Normal Americans of our populist president.

STUCK IN THE MUD: MOVEON.ORG NO LONGER WANTS TO “MOVE ON” joined the Hate-Trump Resistance movement just seconds after he was declared the winner.  Their website states their current reason for being:  Since the 2016 election, we have formed a pillar of the Resistance to Trump.” 

But, MoveOn sure does NOT want to “move on” from the 2-year-long Mueller investigation.  [The Clinton investigation lasted just 13 months, January 1998 to February 1999, including the Senate Impeachment trial.]  In this month’s fundraising email wrote:

“We must go all out to ensure that the Mueller investigation is protected and that the American public is made aware of its results as they become available. The only way we can do that is by rising up together to make our voices heard and letting Congress and the Trump administration know we are watching and will hold them accountable for their actions.” wants the Mueller investigation to continue, despite a total lack of evidence, until Trump is out of office.  Not interested in the needs & wants of the American people, is stuck in the same quagmire as the rest of the Trump-haters.


“In November, MoveOn capped off the largest and most ambitious midterm election program in our 20-year history with a historic blue-wave election (SIC) that ended GOP control of Congress.”  Notice that they did not mention that the GOP gained Senate seats.

“By helping to elect inspiring progressive leaders like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar*, and Rashida Tlaib,** we have not only put up a firewall to stop Donald Trump’s horrifying agenda but helped to build a new Congress that will fight for bold, progressive (SIC) policies like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.”  They don’t mention that Ocasio-Cortez is a laughingstock who displays her ignorance each time she opens her mouth, especially regarding economics. 

“With every passing day, Trump becomes more unhinged and dangerous, which is why it is so important that we do not give a single inch in this long-term fight.”  They ignore the fact that Trump had a psychiatric exam during his physical exam in January: ALL is normal.

Liberalism survives on falsehoods.  Conservatism is based on facts.


“And as special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation closes in on Trump—and with lacky Matt Whitaker now in charge at the Justice Department—it becomes more and more likely that Trump will attempt to fire Mueller or find some other way to obstruct the investigation—all of which would constitute an existential threat to our democracy.”

Three weeks before MoveOn sent out this fundraising letter, Trump nominated William Barr as US Attorney General.  Whitaker is merely the acting AG until Barr is confirmed.  AND WHITAKER HAS DONE NOTHING TO STOP THE MUELLER WITCHHUNT. thinks their supporters are deaf, dumb & blind.

As best one can tell, the Mueller investigation is winding up WITHOUT touching Trump or his campaign or his presidency.


Trump, just one man, is an existential threat?  That would mean that any one president, ON HIS OWN, has the ability to destroy our nation.  America will cease to exist, and we will be occupied by a foreign country.  Surely, it will be Russia!

Obviously, the Useful Idiots who work for and support have never read the US Constitution.  Perhaps they can’t read.  Sad.

Diane L. Gruber

American Nationalist

* Omar is a Muslim Socialist from Somali who advocates Medicare for All, Free college, Housing as a human right, showing her total ignorance of economics.

** Tlaib announced that she will be sworn in using a Quran.  She advocates Medicare for All and a $15 wage, in complete ignorance of basic economics.

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Author: Diane L. Gruber

I am an American, a patriot, a Conservative, a Republican and one molly whopped Trump supporter. I have a hard time understanding how ONE man can improve life in America so quickly. Normal Americans have hope for the first time in decades. But, we MUST NOT relax. We have remained silent for too long while Liberalism has caused significant damage to Americans, to American culture and to our nation. I am hellbent on getting Trump re-elected in 2020. I have never been involved in political campaigns, but want to be a delegate to the GOP convention in NC in August 2020. Trump's work must continue for 5 more years. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, speak out now. Laugh every time a Liberal speaks, vote every chance we get and volunteer to campaign for Trump. Don't be intimidated by Liberals.

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