Homophobic Trump Signs Law Giving BILLIONS To HIV Research/Treatment


President Trump once again proves how homophobic he is by singing Bill H.R.6651 – PEPFAR Extension Act of 2018.f

You won’t hear much of this in the Fake News media because of-course it doesn’t fit their agenda. We were very surprised to read this in Gay Star News… A very Gay Liberal rag. Once you get past what the bill does GSN goes on to slam the President. You know, because they have nothing better to do. I guess Grindr is offline. 

From The Liberal Rag Gay Star News: 
What does PEPFAR do?
As a program, PEPFAR is the United States federal government’s answer to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. President Bush and the Global AIDS Act of 2003 first established it.

According to their website, PEPFAR currently provides antiretroviral treatment for 14.6 million people.

Since its creation, it has received rare bipartisan support.

‘This is one of those rare examples in Washington. There’s been an incredible history of bipartisanship around PEPFAR that stands outside the rancor we hear about,’ Jennifer Kates, vice president and director for global health and HIV Policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told Vox.

It also works.

A 2009 study showed a significant reduction in the HIV death rate of African countries receiving PEPFAR support. The rate dropped by 10.5%.

In 2003, President George W. Bush made sure the bill was signed into law, and reauthorized it in 2008. How Homophobic of President Bush. You know, the man the LGBT community ripped to shreds. Barack Hussein Obama also reauthorized the bill in 2013. Now, President Trump has taken the same path with Bipartisan support & signed the bill making sure billions are spent to research Hiv/Aids cures and treatment.  

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