Gender Neutral Santa Coming To A City Near You

Gender Neutral Santa

For many of years, Santa Claus has been portrayed as an older white man who flies around the world in one night giving out presents to good little boys & girls. Jolly ole Saint Nick has been a classic for millions of children for many many years. I can remember as a kid “Trying” to be a good boy all year so I could get whatever I wanted. I ended up catching my parents putting Christmas Presents under the tree at 2 am. I was heartbroken, but relieved at the same time. After finding out, I decided to play along with my brother for about two more years before I let let the cat out of the bag. 

Now, Liberals all across the land are trying to turn our beloved Saint Nick into a He/She. That’s right. The Politically Correct liberals are doing everything in their power to ruin Christmas for millions of children all around the world. We knew it was only a matter of time before they completely destroyed Christmas for everyone. Hell, everything they touch turns to shit! ( Excuse my language But I’m FED UP with these assholes) 

CBS Pittsburgh 
A new survey found that over 27 percent of people asked would re-brand Santa Claus as a woman or gender-neutral.

Beyond the redesign, the survey asked the public, “If you could ‘re-brand’ Santa for modern society, what gender would he be?”

Nearly 11 percent of people said Santa should be female. Over 17 percent said he should be gender neutral.

Still, an overwhelming 72 percent believe Santa should be classified as a male.

TownHall Felt They Needed To Interject: 
Santa is a dude. He’s a man. That’s not changing, so we can cut this crap right now. Second, I wish I could say that groups of people were just messing around, saying they want a female or gender neutral Santa to troll and screw around with the survey. I can’t; the Left has become unhinged—and it wouldn’t shock me if the social justice warriors of the world wanted this sort of rebrand.

We happen to agree with TownHall. Santa is a dude. He’s always going to be a dude. No poll or liberal or any other insane humans are going to change that. Get over it! 

Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

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