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Americans: Are you sick and tired of hearing TV pundits, Democrat hacks, the Mainstream Media, and especially House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) moan over the plight of Federal employees during the PARTIAL (1/4) & TEMPORARY government shutdown?

Let’s return to reality and examine the facts:


The jobs of Federal employees are secure.  They are not only getting days off, but these days are DURING THE HOLIDAYS.  They skipped out the door in GLEE as they left work.  They are NOT losing their jobs.

Federal employees are NOT worrying when & where they will find a new job.  They are NOT losing their healthcare insurance.  They are NOT losing their pension benefits.  They will NOT suffer.



The only “bad” thing that is happening to them is a SLIGHT, very slight, delay in getting their next paycheck.  Do you really think that Federal employees have no savings that can carry them a few days?  After all, their wages & salaries are 21-53 percent HIGHER* than those of private sector employees.

Remember the Bush/Obama recession that ended when Trump’s pro-America policies stimulated the economy?  Federal employees did not participate in that 17-year recession, but the rest of us did.  Besides having secure employment, unaffected by the bad economy, their wages went up while income for the rest of America went down or stagnated.



Only a handful of Federal agencies** generate their own income.  The bloated Federal bureaucracy has about 2.5 million employees.  These employees are paid by taking earnings away from working Americans.  Americans are forced to provide these Mandarins with better lifestyles than the rest of America enjoys.

What are Mandarins?  Prior to the 1911 revolution, the Chinese Empire was run by Mandarins appointed by the Emperor or Empress.  They enjoyed very high status in Chinese society and were able to read & write at a time when most of the masses were uneducated.

Chinese Mandarins were supposed to be public servants.  In reality, they controlled the country in complete disregard for the needs & wants of the masses.  No one was allowed to question their work, nor their loyalty to the Emperor, except for the Emperor himself.



American Mandarins pretend to be serving “We The People.”  In reality, many Federal bureaucrats, especially those at the highest levels, are serving themselves and/or their own political goals far more than serving Americans.  Former FBI Director James Comey is ONLY the most obvious Mandarin.  Most of them & their activities are hidden from view.

Unlike the Chinese Mandarins who wore buttons on their caps*** so the masses would recognize them & grovel at their feet, American Mandarins work mostly in secret.  For the most part, Americans are not allowed to know what they are doing.

The House & Senate are SUPPOSED TO provide oversight, but their most diligent efforts rarely lift the curtain behind which Federal bureaucrats “labor” against the masses.  As Americans become aware that the Deep State exists and has long been working AGAINST THEM, we are trying to learn how this corrupt system works.

Americans spent the last two years watching Democrats try every trick to avoid exposure of just a small part of the corruption.  In particular, Dems are fighting hard to prevent disclosure of the Obama FBI & DOJ’s plot to rig the 2016 election, and the current process to destroy the Trump presidency.



There is no bigger lover of our fabulous 59 National Parks than this writer.  Indeed, I have visited 16 parks (some several times) and untold National Monuments in just the last three years.  The unique beauty of each & every park is beyond words.

BUT  .  .  .  .  .  Nancy Pelosi does not really care that some of them will be closed to the public for a few days.  MANY OF THEM ARE CLOSED EVERY WINTER DUE TO SNOW, ANYWAY.  She didn’t mention that, did she?  She is screeching about the possible closures for political reasons.  Period.

Has trust fund baby Fancy Nancy even BEEN to a National Park?  Would she “lower” herself to rub elbows with the working-class & middle-class Americans who flock to enjoy the beauty of our country, in part, because the cost is modest?

The Federal agencies that Normal Americans use daily ARE STILL OPEN.  The Post Office, airport TSA, our blessed military, Federal police, utilities, correction facilities and health services ARE OPEN & RUNNING.

Just three days into the partial shutdown, the handwringing had reached the state and local level where Democrats rule.  Washington’s Democrat Governor issued a dire warning about State employees’ continued employment.  Oh, the horrors.****

Diane L. Gruber

American Nationalist

*Only those employees with professional degrees or doctorates have slightly lower salaries than their counterparts in the private sector, on average.  BUT THE PARTISANS AT DOJ & FBI MORE THAN MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE WITH OUTSIDE WORK, SOME ILLEGAL, THAT THEY WOULD NOT HAVE WERE IT NOT FOR THEIR MANDARIN STATUS WITH THE FEDS.

**For example: Bonneville Power Administration in Portland, Oregon, generates & sells electricity.  They are very unique within the bloated Federal bureaucracy because they actually pay their own employees without using tax dollars.

***The nine ranks of Mandarins were clear to all by the type of button they wore.

****”Dear fellow state employees,

By now you are likely aware of the news that Congress and the president have not yet agreed upon a solution for funding about 25 percent of the federal government. It appears there will be a partial shutdown of the federal government.

The state Office of Financial Management, in coordination with your agency, has reviewed the next four weeks of staff and contract implications. At this time, we do not anticipate immediate impacts to state agency services or jobs. However, should there be a prolonged shutdown, such impacts are possible. And there is no question that many of the families, clients and communities we serve will be harmed by the many consequences of a partial federal shutdown, ranging from a delay in trade-relief efforts for farmers to curtailed food inspections and air quality monitoring, and more.  

We will be continually assessing this situation over the next few days and weeks. If we identify state agency impacts, we will provide that information as soon as possible to affected people and organizations.

This shutdown is irresponsible, unfair to federal employees and the public we all serve. And it was totally avoidable.

As the results unfold, I want to assure you that we are taking all the steps we can to assess and address this regrettable situation.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee”

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Author: Diane L. Gruber

I am an American, a patriot, a Conservative, a Republican and one molly whopped Trump supporter. I have a hard time understanding how ONE man can improve life in America so quickly. Normal Americans have hope for the first time in decades. But, we MUST NOT relax. We have remained silent for too long while Liberalism has caused significant damage to Americans, to American culture and to our nation. I am hellbent on getting Trump re-elected in 2020. To that end, I am retiring from the practice of law so 1) I have more time to research & write articles about his successes and the Dems & Deep State's scams to undermine him, and 2) I can be involved with the local GOP organization. I have never been involved in political campaigns, but want to be a delegate to the GOP convention in NC in August 2020. Trump's work must continue for 6 more years. If we want anything of value to remain for future generations we need to act now, speak out now. Laugh every time a Liberal speaks, vote every chance we get and volunteer to campaign for Trump. Don't be intimidated by Liberals.


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