CNN Busted Pushing Fake Border Stats-Exposed By DHS In Gnarly Tweet


Media bias hasn’t let us for one week against President Trump since he announced he was running for the Presidency in 2015. Many “news” outlets have become so far left leaning they completely ignore anything that’s good from the Trump administration. Just this week President Trump signed a bill into law that gives more than $100 Billion to help rebuilt African American communities. Barack Obama never did anything of the sort. The ghettos stayed ghetto & even become more ghetto. 

CNN’s Jim Sciutto felt the need to follow suit with many other “Journalist” attacking President Trumps comments this week after his border security meeting with Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer. You know, the same meeting where President Trump ripped both elitist a new one. Sciutto did a segment called “Fact Checking” where he fact checked the Presidents. For those of you who do not know who Jim Sciutto is, He’s the former staff member of former President Barack Obama. Fitting job for a former Obama employee. CNN is a breeding ground of liberal lunacy. 


The former Obama staffer turned CNN host took to Twitter to brag about his “fact-check” of Trump’s claims about DHS stopping terrorists at the border, dismissing it as fear-mongering. “In fact, DHS did not provide evidence of a single terrorist caught on the southern border over the last short period of time as the president claimed; this is not the first time that the president implied that the wall is necessary due to the terror threat,” he sneered in that segment:

It wasn’t long before DHS Spox Tyler Q. Houlton took to twitter and embarrassed the living hell out of Jim.  

It just goes to show how pathetic CNN really is. They have yet to backtrack anything they’ve reported, and probably won’t do so. President Trump is doing everything in his power to keep America safe from terrorist spewing in across our southern borders. Not all of the people coming over are bad, but the majority are. Law breakers, and welfare slugs isn’t what America needs. We need more law abiding citizens that want to come the legal way like millions before them. If we allow all of these illegals to cross our borders without the proper vetting not only are we possibly letting MS-13 & other violent gang related people to come over but it’s a complete kick in the teeth to law abiding immigrants who went through the proper steps to becoming American citizens. How is it fair to them? 

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