Facebook Unpublishes “The Gay Republican” In An Attempt To Censor Right Leaning LGBT Voices

Since 2010, we’ve noticed Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more Social Media outlets doing everything in their power to censor Conservative voices.

It goes further back than that. Remember when Lois Lerner pled the fifth after been busted for targeting Conservative groups? yeah, that was a total shit show. The American people were furious when the news broke. She was a guilty as Bill getting a blowjob from Monica

Facebook has decided to target me “The Gay Republican” by unpublishing my page. What was their excuse? I went against their community standards. When asked exactly what I did, I was sent an email by none other than Katie Harbath, Facebooks own Global Politics Director. She said the only way that I would be able to get my facebook page back is by creating a new one. Really? How convenient for this fascist to tell me this right before the midterms.The Gay Republican

My facebook account was put on a 30-day ban because of something I posted in 2010. Yes, that’s right 2010. These Nazis went as far back as they could to find something to put me on a month-long ban. Can you guess when my account is scheduled to be unbanned? Wednesday, November 7th. THE DAY AFTER THE MIDTERMS! Also very convenient.

If there’s something we all learned from the Nazis is how to suppress the opposition. Hitler knew exactly how to make the masses hate the Jews. Whatever the Nazis were guilty of they would accuse The Jews, and opposition of it. Facebook is doing just that. I really feel for all the Conservative voices out there that have been censored by Fascistbook. 

The Gay RepublicanWhat I find even more interesting is Harabath rambling on about some page I was an admin on ( Lie I was an editor to post my articles on) and then accused me of not wanting to take down the admins on the page. First off, as an editor of the page, I CAN NOT take away an admins privileges. She should know this if she works for Facebook. This was nothing more than a coordinated effort to further their Nazi-style tactics by silencing Conservatives.

We’re heading down a very dangerous path in America. If Conservatives are censored completly we might as well kiss all the progress goodbye. It’s time we start organizing and rise up against censorship of all kinds. I will stand toe to toe with anyone who tries to silence me. They can’t take away my voice unless they kill me. I could go on all night, but I’m angered. I want to use my anger in a positive way.


Stand With Me!

-Ethan Sabo

Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

Openly Gay Conservative Republican Stomping The Stereotype! Fighting For Freedom & Against Political Correctness!

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