Bombshell: Democrats Planned Voter Fraud Day After Midterms

Voter Fraud

There seems to be a pattern with the Democratic Party. If you remember the 2000 election, Democrats in Florida tried their damnedest to make John Kerry the President of the United States. They did everything in their power to keep the media away, and even closed the doors so NO ONE could see what was going on  The Democrats tried the same exact thing. This time, they’ve done it to try and win the Governorship, and steal yet another U.S Senate seat.

Gateway Pundit: 

Senator Marco Rubio has blown the whistle. This time. He’s accusing Democrats of doing of Premeditated Election Fraud. 

Rubio called out Broward County two days after the election after the corrupt Democrat elections officials manufactured over 80,000 new ballots after Election Day.

On Thursday night Marco Rubio reported on the planned Democrat voter fraud after Election Day.
Democrat leaders in Florida directed staffers and volunteers to shear altered election forms to fix improper absentee ballots AFTER THE DEADLINE.

The plan was to have Florida voters fix and submit as many absentee votes as possible in hopes of including them in the vote totals.

The email was sent out to Democrat activists BEFORE Nelson and his party allies filed a series of lawsuits challenging some voting rules that applied during the election, claiming they disenfranchised voters.

A federal judge then ruled in Democrat’s favor to count these votes.

The Naples Daily News posted a copy of the Democrat instruction form to voters.

Voter Fraud

Democrats will stop at nothing to gain power. What these people are doing is exactly what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to prevent by giving us our Republic.

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