Breaking: Broward Elections Office Admits Illegal Ballots Were Cast

Illegal Ballots

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does!

Broward County Election office includes that more than 22 voters were cast illegally. Remember, Liberals claim voter fraud is a myth conjured up by Republicans to suppress voters rights. These ballots included mismatched signatures, and nother violations were included Saturday in the final vote totals submitted by the Broward County to the Florida Secretary of States office.

According to reports, Broward Supervisor Of Elections criminal Brenda Snipes “Accidentally” mixed valid ballots with invalid ones after she removed the ballots from their envelopes. This should raise a red flag warning to ALL Floridians.

Snipes recommended the canvassing board include the entire batch in its returns, despite vehement opposition from attorneys for Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s campaign for the U.S. Senate. Snipes said Saturday that it “seems unfair to me to disenfranchise 205 voters at the expense of a small number.”

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“And if that’s being unfair to anyone, I don’t think it’s a large enough number to affect the difference between who comes out of the recount as a victor,” she added.

After the county met its noon deadline to submit unofficial vote totals to the office of Secretary of State Ken Detzner, the general counsel for Snipes, Eugene Pettis, said the entire batch was “included in the process” and counted.

William Scherer, an attorney for Scott’s Senate campaign, said, without offering evidence, that some of the illegal ballots included instances of double voting.

“They keep the door open so that the rats can run in, rather than the rats run out,” said Scherer, who represented George W. Bush in Florida’s 2000 presidential recount. “Every vote counts. Do you count every illegal vote?”
Miami Herald

The Democrats will do anything to keep power. They’ve rigged many elections before, and are doing it as we speak. The American people are not stupid. Florida voted to keep Republicans in power in their state.

President Trump is keeping a very close eye on this mess down in Florida!


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