Leftist Rips Up Ted Cruz Signs, Then Loses His Mind ” I HATE TED CRUZ”

The Left Is Losing Their Minds Over President Trump, And U.S Senator From Texas Ted Cruz!



Ted Cruz’s challenger, U.S Congressmen Beto O’Rouke hasn’t responded but is sure to make up some excuse on why his supporters are insane. Beto who’s real name is Robert Francis O’Rouke is currently 9 points behind Senator Ted Cruz. The momentum is big for the BETO crowd, but Cruz is sure to pull it off keeping Texas very red. Beto came into the spotlight after he announced he was going to run against Ted Cruz. Over the last few elections, Democrats have been gaining ground in Texas, but has yet to reach any major office. We’re not saying BETO is going to win. What we’re saying is BETO is running a very good campaign, and raking in millions of dollars in campaign contributions. 


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