Why LGBT “PRIDE MONTH” Doesn’t Mean SQUAT To Me!

Over the last 15 years that I’ve been “OUT” to my friends, and family I’ve only attended one “Pride” parade, and festival. There isn’t anything special about them. Let me be the first to tell you these parades are full of nudity, and vulgar animals striving very hard for attention. It’s pretty pathetic if you ask me. Yes, I agree that the LGBT community has been discriminated against, and many people have hidden behind “GOD” to control people. However, the LGBT community loves to manipulate people into thinking they’re still oppressed even after the Supreme Court handed down the ruling in favor of Same-Sex marriage across the board. You would have thought the community would be happy, but like many on the right have predicted… they’re not.

I told myself after marriage “equality” happened lobby groups like HRC, and Freedom To Marry would slowly go away. This wasn’t the case. They have made it their mission to keep raking in the millions of dollars by fighting for Abortion, Transgendered Surgies sponsored by the American taxpayers, and yes even fighting to enact laws that criminalize anyone for using the wrong pronouns. This to me, is disgusting. It hurts everything Harvey Milk fought so hard to achieve.

The total disrespect for President Trump is disgusting. President Trump is the first Republican Presidental Candidate even to endorse protecting the LGBTQ community from harm of any foreign ideology. Yes, that’s right. Radical Islamic terrorist who throws Gays off buildings, and hands them in the middle cities have been supported by the Democratic party since President Jimmy Carter. This is unacceptable. Democrats only use the Gay community for political gain. When are the rest going to stand up, and say enough is enough? Instead of resisting someone who values your life instead of your vote maybe you should show them some support, and understand that Democrats are only using you. This is why I say liberalism is cancer. Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars from Middle Eastern Countries where it’s perfectly LEGAL to murder homosexuals. President Trump never has, and never will. I’m thankful for groups like “Gays For Trump” and the “Log Cabin Republicans” who stand up for Conservative values unlike “I’d Bottom For Hillary.” Like always, the LGBT community makes everything about sex instead of coming up with something not so disgusting, and disrespectful. These little faggots give the LGBT community even more of a bad name. Not surprising, and I’m positive they could give a rats ass less about my opinion. I’m just glad they prove people like me right every single day.

Like Martin Luther King Jr, Harvey Milk is rolling around in his grave wondering what the hell is wrong with this new LGBT generation. They took a movement that had decency, and a clear message, and turned it into a freak show. The blatant disrespect that comes from these parades is enough to make any normal person throw up. Let’s take Folsom Street Festival for example in San Francisco. The public nudity, BDSM, and porn are downright disrespectful. Do we want our children to see this kind of crap? I feel sorry for the parents that have to explain to their children why a bunch of people is running around naked screaming “Fuck Trump” in the middle of the street. I find it beneath mankind to act like you have no sense of decency. Pride isn’t about pride. It’s about boasting who you sleep with. Pride used to mean something. Not anymore.

The stigma is that all members of the LGBT community are Liberals. This isn’t the case. There are many that are of a Conservative mind. As you all know by the name of this blog, I’m a Republican. I’m a Life Long Conservative Republican.

I’m What You Call

I was never on the Democratic plantation like many of my LGBT friends, and even family members. I’ve never been a one issue voter anyway. There are many things that I disagree with in the Democratic party. I’m not a victim of anything. Everything bad that has or hasn’t happened to me due to my own choices. Not the neighbors down the road, or any government. I don’t need the government to give me free stuff or promise me any kind of special rights. God gave me all the rights I need.

The Government has no place in my life. I work hard for what I have, and I’ve never allowed anything to hold me back. If someone doesn’t want to bake me a cake because I’m gay, then I will take my business elsewhere. The Government doesn’t need to punish them. They simply refused service. The reason is invalid. It’s THEIR business. Not mine. I’ve never understood the liberal point of view when it comes to this.

Liberalism is based on emotion. What they “Feel” is right, not what’s right, or wrong. Common sense is something liberals have none of. Conservative ( minus a few ) want everyone to live their lives the way they want it without throwing it in everyone’s faces. This is why I’m against the pride parades. Who cares if you’re gay? Who cares if you sleep with the same sex? No one. No one cares. I will never understand why the LGBT community pushes so hard to become relevant in the public eye. I don’t need validation. I’m a child of the highest God. That’s all the validating I need.

Have you ever seen the aftermath of a pride parade? It’s disgusting. The amount of trash left on the streets, and even vendors refuse to clean up their areas. It’s as if they think the city owes them by cleaning up after them. It’s kind of like after the liberal protest at “Standing Rock”. The amount of trash left from the “Earth Protectors” was disgusting. To read more about the Millions of dollars, and tons of trash left for the state, and reservation to clean up.

So Let Me Finish

The “LGBT community” and the Democratic party DO NOT speak for me. I speak for myself. I would rather have money in my pocket, a strong national defense, and the right to life than “Marriage Equality.” If you can’t understand that, then I’m sorry. I wasn’t put on this earth to please everyone. We have one life to live. Be yourself, and not what liberals expect you to be.

Oh, and




Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

Openly Gay Conservative Republican Stomping The Stereotype! Fighting For Freedom & Against Political Correctness!

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  1. You really need to stop saying el-jibbity and just say gay. El-jibbity is an artificial construct of the Regressive Left with the long-term goal of gay erasure in mind. Stop acknowledging it and start fighting back against it. Stop tolerating its use and start correcting people who use it.

    Can’t gay people have anything that’s just for us and nobody else?

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