Beto O’Rourke Will Lose To Ted Cruz! Take It To The Bank

Beto O'Rourke

Beta Boy Beto O’Rourke is riding a Democratic wave that’s just barely caught it’s first white cap.

Democrats really thought they were going to produce a major “Blue Wave” in Texas. They were wrong.

U.S Senator Ted Cruz received more votes than every single Democrat running to get the nomination. That says something about Texas. Texans know how to govern Texans. Ted Cruz is a prime example of the American Dream and a Real Texan. Don’t get me wrong, when Cruz wouldn’t drop out of the Presidental Race, and made a total ass of himself at the RNC Convention I was pissed, but at the end of the day Ted Cruz is my Senator, and I refuse to allow a Democrat to win a major seat in Texas.

Beto O’Rourke ( Beta ) thinks he’s the guy to unseat Cruz. Not only is this laughable, but ANY candidate that say’s, and I quote:

 I have no idea how that polls and I should give a shit what the NRA thinks about it.


Texans own more guns than any other state in America. In Texas, we buy guns as Christmas, and birthday presents to our loved ones. Screw diamond rings, and flowers. Beta can’t seem to understand that. We’re dealing with someone who doesn’t understand Texas values. Although he was born in El Paso ( Not really Texas) Beto isn’t a real Texan. He’s a border Rat that looks the other way and takes special interest cash to promote the border as a great place to live. Hell, the way he got his seat in Congress was extremely dirty. Just as the family of Silvestre Reyes. They will give you some great information on how crooked, and hateful Mr. O’Rourke is. The lies that were told on the campaign trail is enough to make you want to punch the Beta boy in his face. Believe me when I say this. My old roommate is Silvester’s great-niece.

The Federalist: 

Guns aren’t O’Rourke’s only problem. In last week’s primary elections, O’Rourke badly underperformed, scoring only 61 percent against two relatively unknown opponents. Sema Hernandez, who challenged O’Rourke from the left, came away with 24 percent, and retired Postal Service employee Edward Kimbrough got 15 percent. Together they carried 103 of Texas’s 254 counties. O’Rourke, whose fundraising ahead of the primary outpaced Cruz’s and made headlines, spent a whopping $4.2 million on the primary. Kimbrough spent $785, and Hernandez spent nothing.

The primary results cast serious doubt on the idea that O’Rourke can beat Cruz in November’s general election. Going by sheer numbers, Cruz got twice as many votes in the primary as O’Rourke. To be sure, Cruz’s popularity has taken a hit since his failed 2016 presidential bid, but that’s mostly from Trump supporters who were upset that he didn’t endorse Trump sooner than he did. Those voters aren’t going to cast a ballot for O’Rourke, or any other Democrat, merely out of spite for Cruz.

Beto will lose in a Landslide. The Democratic establishment wants BETO more than anything at this point. Expect MAJOR allegations against Ted Cruz to come out during this Senate election. They will accuse him of everything from Child Abuse to Sexual assault in hopes Texas will hand over its Senate seat like Alabama did with Roy Moore. I also expect a larger than ever Democrat turn out in all 4 major cities in Texas. Austin and San Antonio will go dark blue while Houston and Dallas will get a little darker. That won’t make much of a difference. Every single Texas Republican will be out to vote in this election. The Democrats still believe in their “Blue Wave” but we know different.

Texans Govern Texans NOT Washington Democrats.

Ethan Sabo

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