An Open Letter To Adam Rippon -From One Queen To Another

Adam Rippon

I’ve always loved the winter Olympics. Curling is by far my favorite sport. I wish I could have learned how to play at a young age, and eventually make my way to the Olympics.


However that never happened, and for that I’m grateful. I hate being in the spotlight, and for a good reason. Outside of all my spelling, and grammar mistakes, I think this open letter will serve its purpose.


Dear Bronze Bottom Queen (Aka Adam Rippon)

Congratulations on making it to South Korea. I would never doubt your talent. I’ve watched you among many other Olympians. My grandmother was a seamstress who worked day in and day out ruining her back to create beautiful sequin outfits for great ice skaters like Tara Lipinski and Christina Yamaguchi. Those were the days. Two very talented women who stuck to skating, and left their political opinions to themselves. Unlike you, they had class. Unlike you, they were elegant figure skaters that knew how to win. They didn’t allow their petty political thoughts to overload their mouths. The accusations you’ve made have all been proven wrong. You should do some better research on terminology. President Trump and Vice President Pence are NOTHING like you’ve compared them too. Hillary Clinton took millions of dollars from people that want to murder fags like us. However, you looked past that and still endorsed her while slamming our great President. See, the difference between you and I is I understand facts, and nothing I believe is based on emotion. Unlike you, I think for myself, and won’t allow the media to persuade me into what I think or say. Unlike you, I understand what it is to be an American who isn’t entitled to anything. You can’t even say that about yourself. You qualified to skate in the Olympics. That means something. You’re representing not only the United States Of America but also our leaders. The blatant disrespect from you is disgusting. You took it upon yourself to say nasty, hateful things about our leaders, and for that, I’m ashamed that you represented our stars and stripes in South Korea. You’ve made yourself look like a pompous faggot. There is a difference between being “gay” and being a little “Faggot”. I don’t use my sexuality to define who I am.  We’re just normal people that you would never know were gay. You can’t say that about yourself. Instead of skipping around telling the entire world you take it up the ass, how about you skate and leave the politics to people who actually know what the fuck they’re talking about because clearly you DON’T.  No one honestly cares if you’re gay. No one cares if you dislike our leaders. Your pretentious, self-serving attitude has ruined all chances of you winning the Gold. You finished third, and that serves you right. You will forever be known as the bronze bottom that couldn’t win first place. Karma got your ass, and I hope you learned your lesson. Probably not. Leftist like you will always lose.


-Ethan Sabo

Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

Openly Gay Conservative Republican Stomping The Stereotype! Fighting For Freedom & Against Political Correctness!

8 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Adam Rippon -From One Queen To Another

  1. I LOVE this letter! What an intelligent, honest, succinct and appropriate letter. You are exactly right! You hit the nail on the head. Too bad this kid will NEVER understand what you wrote because he can only parrot what the liberals have brainwashed him to believe. Thinking for yourself has become rare and common sense even rarer. Congratulations on writing a masterpiece!

  2. “Faggot” can be the last thing you hear before you are injured or worse. Anti-gay bullying at school, anti-gay violence on the street, homophobic murders, homophobic laws, the idea of gay men as lesser men: They all have “faggot” like a maggot at their center.

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