#BronzeBottom Doesn’t Want His Olympic Experience To Be “About Mike Pence”: TOO DAMN BAD!

Adam Rippon

The #BronzeBottom doesn’t Want His Olympic Experience To Be About Vice President Mike Pence.

I’ve got news for you queen. TOO DAMN BAD!

I recently wrote an open letter to the infamous #BronzeBottom Figure Skater aka Adam Rippon letting him know that he’s no one special. I made sure he knew the world doesn’t care that he takes it up that ass or that he doesn’t like the President or Vice President. Rippon was recently interviewed by the press, and he doesn’t want his little experience to be all about Mike Pence. Guess what you little queen IT IS GOING TO BE ALL ABOUT MIKE PENCE!

YOU CHOSE  to open your stupid mouth and think it was super duper CAAAUUUUTTTEEEE to trash our Vice President. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry you’re catching hell. You should have stuck to skating like a little princess. YOU decided to be a total pretentious queer and make a big deal out of absolutely nothing. You’re beyond brainwashed. You claim in the video that you don’t have a problem being yourself. Well, apparently you don’t have a problem getting the backlash. You took what was suppose to be your job, and turned it into a freakshow. It’s sad that uneducated, ignorant fags like you ruin it for everyone else. No one wants to hear about your personal life. We want to watch you skate, and win. We want you to go to another country, and represent ALL Americans, and yes that means Mike Pence and Donald J. Trump. If you don’t like that, then you shouldn’t be in the Olympics. You should go back to whatever trailer you crawled out of, and speak your mind there. You’ve become a national disgrace, and everyone is sick and tired of hearing your fake bullshit.


This is all on your buddy. Maybe you should take some personal responsibility, and apologize to not only Vice President Mike Pence but the entire world. You showed your true colors, and now everyone knows you’re nothing more than a little faggot that couldn’t just go, and do his job. It’s sad. Very sad.

Mike Pence has far more class than you will ever have. Maybe you should take some lessons from an actual adult.


Yes, I’m very harsh. I tend to have a problem with little self-righteous faggots think they can say, and do whatever they want when representing our country! I have a right to feel, and say whatever the hell I want especially to this little Bronze Bottom Bitch!

Ethan Sabo

Author: Ethan Sabo

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