VIDEO: CNN Caught Staging Fake Protest Backdrop


CNN once again proves it is nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democratic party. Today in London, they were caught on camera staging a protest backdrop for a broadcast. They were trying to make the scene look larger than it was. It was simply a handful of protesters packed tightly so that it would cover the lens angle. Everything that CNN and the entire mainstream media conglomerate does is to deceive the viewer and control the narrative. Like with the ‘great and might Oz,’ sometimes Toto pulls the curtain back. Citizen journalists and patriots worldwide need to stay awake and keep their eyes open for this kind of deceit!

They have since tried to cover their tracks by saying that the protesters were already there and that they were simply trying to get them together so that they could be seen better. They were simply trying to capitalize on angles and a few token protesters to make it look like a huge crowd. Once again, they prove that Trump was right when he called them ‘VERY FAKE NEWS’.




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