Son Of Liberal: ‘Coming Out as a Republican Went Worse Than Coming Out Gay’


Liberals Tout How “Accepting” and “Loving” They Are, When In Reality… They’re The Most Hateful, Spiteful, Bigots Known To Man.

I’ve had this experience more than once, but not with any family members. My so-called “Friends” who are not anymore were by far the most hateful when it came to who I voted for. Needless to say, my friend’s circle has shrunk, and I really enjoy that. The left loves using people, and the Gay Community is one of them. Getting votes is number one. Coming out as a Republican is the hardest thing anyone can do, especially when everyone around you is Democrats.

Adam Levine, a writer for the Federalist and the son of a Democratic congressman, claimed in an article this week that it was harder to come out as a Republican than it was to come out gay.

No, I am not a sex offender. I am something even worse than that. I am a Donald Trump supporter. says Adam

Sex offenders are usually linked to the Gay community by conservatives, but I would rather be called a sex offender than be shunned by everyone. At least being ‘Called’ a sex offender doesn’t mean anything because in reality, you know you’re not, and there is zero proof. I’ve told bigots to check the sex offender list where they won’t find me. Get’s them mad every time.


“I am not a sex offender. But a number of my friends no longer have time to see me,” declared Levine in the article. “Lifelong acquaintances now regard me with fear and distrust. I have been unfriended en masse on social media and excoriated by friends who deign to remain. And I have been singly excluded from social gatherings when the rest of my family was invited.”

“No, I am not a sex offender. I am something even worse than that. I am a Donald Trump supporter,” he proclaimed. “I was raised in a liberal Jewish family in Washington DC, where my dad served as a Democratic congressman for Los Angeles. Accordingly, I was indoctrinated with all of the correct values and views.” Adam’s father, Mel Levine, served in Congress from 1983 to 1993.

Levine claimed that growing up, he “learned the black national anthem before I knew the ‘Star Spangled Banner’,” and when he “came out” as gay to his family at the age of 20, they “were duly overjoyed.”


When he came out as a Republican, however, his life quickly changed.

“I did not even bother going to gay pride because it was fused with a Resist march. If you do not want to impeach our president, you have no place in gay life,” Levine claimed. “I was labeled a white supremacist by a friend I’ve known my entire life, and completely dropped with no explanation by another dear friend and self-anointed giant of the gay civil rights movement to whom my father had introduced me 15 years ago.”

“In desperation, like a closeted teenager sneaking into a porn theater, I surreptitiously began to explore the forbidden territories of Fox News and other conservative outlets. Incredibly, I found myself agreeing more often than not,” he continued, before adding that it was the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal that completely converted him.

“The media outlets that had enabled and covered up his indiscretions for years were the same major public voices for the Democratic Party, the self-proclaimed party of worker’s and women’s rights. The game was up; two and two could no longer be five,” explained Levine. “I reached my threshold where no amount of hypothetical Republican bigotry or greed could approach the magnitude of hypocrisy, corruption, or criminality I saw rotting the Democrats to the core. I jumped ship.”

I can fully understand conservatives not really being too accepting of homosexuals because it goes against their morals as Christians However if the gay community wants to support the party then there is no reason at all of why people would push them away. Democrats however only want people who think EXACTLY like them or else they push them away completely. I’ve had more hate from liberals than conservatives. Who’s the REAL BIGOT? I’ll give you a hint…. a bunch of jackasses.


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