Trump Releases Statement on Immigration After Senate Voted To Open The Gov Back Up. Dems PISSED


President Trump Has Been One Step Ahead Of The Democrats His Entire Presidency.

The American people are laughing the Democrats down the road. President Trump is having a blast!

The Democrats chose illegals over American vets, and children. Not only did President Trump figure out what they were going to do, and when they were going to do it, but he understands cancer that’s eating the liberals brain. HAHA! Laugh at that one. 2018 won’t be the year of the Democrat.

The President knew Chuck Schumer was going to filibuster the vote. He knew what Nancy Pelosi was going to rally the Dems together for a huge celebration of fine foods, and wine. A total disgrace if you ask us.

Following Senate’s announcement to end the government shutdown, President Trump made an announcement of its own.

Liberals somehow think that they have won by pushing a clause in the agreement to end the shutdown that keeps the arguments surrounding illegal immigrants going. In reality, all they accomplished was demonstrating to the country what’s really important to Democrats and it isn’t the American citizens. President Trump released a statement regarding Senates announcement and expressed his concern for what’s best for the country. Plain and simple. While politicians continue to play some childish games, the President is focused on what’s truly important. America.


Via IJR:

In the end, Schumer gave in to a plan where Democrats would accept a deal to end the shutdown in exchange for opening negotiations on DACA. The vote landed at 81-18.

Now Trump has issued a statement saying that Democrats had finally “come to their senses” to fund the military, border patrol, first responders, and insurance for vulnerable children. He then said his administration would “work toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration,” but only if “it is good for our country.”



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